Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Modern Appertite

Down the hidden path ways of Carlton on a frosty morning was a delightful sensation of what is to be an expansion of the Modern breakfasts that are hitting the Melbourne scene.

Grand wooden doors await ahead of you as you walk down a slate grey cobble path, with a smaller door opened it is almost like you are walking into a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

In the entrance is a grand stand of pastries and bench seating for those who just come for a quick coffee, continue through and you are welcome to a sunlit dining experience with hanging plants, coffee roasting equipment and an overall organic theme.

Welcome to The Vertue of the Coffee Drink.

Warm greetings from staff and coffees on the go as soon as you sit down, you are welcomed like family to dine. The menu speaks Modern and will be hard to beat from it's competitors.

The Morning breakfast selection of Smoked ocean trout served with curried aranchini, soft duck egg and accompanied by a mango chilli chutney had bold flavours which exploded on the tastebuds.

The trout flakes way with a simple scrape of the fork and together with the rick duck egg that has a golden oozy yolk intensified the flavours. Sweeten it up with the side of chutney and balance it with the crisp gems of the aranchini. It is hard to compare it to other breakfasts around Melbourne.

If you love your eggs and bacon but want to adventure to something away from those 2 eggs and short cut bacon strips then perhaps try the Scotch egg. These Smoke Pork belly covered eggs that once again have a rich golden yolk centre shone on the plate accompanied with pig skin crackling, piccalilli mayo, toasted brioche and the most delicate black pudding I have tasted in months.

This glamorous breakfast is far from the traditional and is a sensation of textual elements that lead to a very happy dining experience.

Sides for your breakfast are fairly basic apart from the unusual Avocado with ricotta, popcorn and lemon. Fairly mild and fresh in flavours with the popcorn just adding a very mild corn flavour to the avocado. Diners around were ordering this and smearing it on slices of toast. It's just the next step away from the smashed avocado which gives it the individuality menu choice.

Coffee is medium bodied with a slight acidic flavour from the daily blend. Single Origin and always changing, be sure to ask what blend they are using if you have a specific palate to your morning grind.

A pleasure to dine here and one you will talk about to family and friends. Of course with that pastry display at the pay station you can not say no to taking that something naughty home with you. Donuts filled with raspberry and rose custard..... a very good choice.

With it's doors only being open for the past 4 months, this gorgeous eatery is one you should visit and experience.

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink
8 Raffa Place
8060 6987

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