Friday, 17 August 2012

This is no mess hall

Black Rock is a quaint little suburb on the coast that truly shines through with some great food, an I am glad to be able to be apart of it. People tend to forget about the local places as we believe that they will always be there and tend to head to the further away Restaurants to eat.

I've headed to one of Black Rocks icons who has been in Black Rock for as long as I can remember. Cafeteria sits on the corner of the main street and has always been the place for locals to retreat too, unwind and enjoy their catch ups with family and friends.

Staff are welcoming and enjoy joining in the conversations, and checking how you are or what you've been up too. Always smiling and always to suggest what to have, or whats on the specials, so it's a pleasant friendly place that anyone going here would feel apart of the community.

First thing in the morning you need a good coffee, and it is without hesitation that the staff have offered me a coffee while I get sorted out and comfy. Using a Giancarlo Coffee blend by Grinders the coffee is smooth and perfect temperature. So while I mellow myself out and wake up I ponder the breakfast options.

Confusion sets in rather quickly as I look at all the amazing breakfast options, and I really wish that I was with someone to convince them to have something on my growing list so I could try it.

Who could resist the Potato fingerling with black pudding, capsicum and egg? or maybe the Pumpkin and cranberry bread finished with hazelnut mascarpone. NO? Well maybe you would like the Potato rosti with smoked salmon, spinach, poached egg and hollandaise. Now that you are all hungry I'll let you know that I had none of these dishes although I was tempted to have them all. I went for the Belgium waffles covered with lemon curd and a berry compote.

These golden crisp waffles were light as air, and not over sweet, finished with a luscious creamy lemon curd and a serving of berries and fresh fruit. Perfect is all I can say really. Although some may think it's not too healthy for you I say, well their is fruit there so it's ok.

What I loved was that the compote was not reduced so fine into a syrup, and that each berry still held it's form and you could see what berries you were enjoying. Perfect with the lemon curd too, and because of the curd their was no need for cream or anything else to finish the dish.

Looking at other passing breakfasts, everything looked just as amazing. A simple egg on toast was served with the thickest of thick ciabatta toast and was still plated to look appetising, and you all know out there that just an egg on toast is not as appealing to lets say a stack of pancakes or like my waffles.

With crumbles, muffins and cakes on offer too in their cabinets, you don't have to have something ginormous. Go in for just a cuppa and treat yourself to something small and you will still enjoy the atmosphere that Cafeteria delivers.

I am excited that Cafeteria is apart of our community and staying strong with trade, delivering up some tasty dishes. I'm yet to go for a Friday night dinner, but on my drive home when I've gone past they are full each time, so it's clear signs that it's just as grand as their breakfasts and lunches.

39 Bluff rd,
Black Rock
9589 2200

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