Monday, 14 September 2015

Get your Freak on

Birthdays only come but once a year, but sometimes I wish I could have a birthday everyday. It would give me more reasons to celebrate and feel less conscious about eating all things naughty on any particular day.

Speaking of all things Naughty... it so happens that on my Birthday this year I had the pleasure of dining at Naughty Boy cafe, located on Lygon street.

The name of this cafe says it all really. 

A warm modern café with a giant cheeky boy painted as a feature wall makes for a quirky dining environment.

It is no surprise to grasp that first coffee as you gaze across the menu hoping for something to launch at you. However on this occasion, I had it all planned. I had imaged for days that I was going to indulge in the Red velvet pancakes and join it with a Freak Shake.

It’s my Birthday after all and I need no judgement on my choices.

Soft cloud like Red velvet pancakes donned with mascarpone cheese, freeze dried mandarin, berries, citrus powder and burnt meringue was exactly what I expected it to be.

Not an overly sweet breakfast but texturally made for an adventure on your palate. Meringue and chocolate fudge like pieces added the hint of sweetness, but with the tartness of citrus and berries it evened it back out. Add that creamy mascarpone and it’s a luscious exotic experience.
The Benedict was a lovely savoury option and a crowd pleaser.  Beautifully poached eggs exploded as you cut through them, which lay atop of grilled sourdough, pulled ham hock and smothered with apple cider hollandaise.

The hollandaise was lovely and light compared to the norm being made with the cider, which was very pleasing.

Now lets get to the sugar explosion of the day. The Freak Shakes.

Hitting the Melbourne food scene with an explosion these crazy shakes are monstrous but fun.
With my frutilicious Pavlova shake; it was a full powered sugar high in itself. Coconut milk based shake with passionfruit curd, mango sorbet, Pavlova, fresh fruits and finished with fairy floss.

The other was A Salted caramel shake with sticky date rice pudding, nutella rim, bitter praline and chocolate floss. Rich, decadent and a definite challenge in itself to complete.

The menu at Naughty boy has exciting dishes that will make you return, such as a Knuckle sandwich, the Hot Hanoi Roll or the Buttermilk waffles.

Service is friendly and welcoming adding to the overall experience. We will be visiting again very soon.

Naughty Boy Cafe
499 Lygon Street
Carlton North
9041 7870

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  1. You're clearly a foodie like me and I'm also wondering if you're a vegetarian, because there's no mention of meat anywhere in your description of the food at the Naughty Boy (what a great name). The birthday breakfast you choose was indulgent, but also high in nutrition, I should imagine. Carbs, proteins and fats all make for an excellent birthday.

    Teri Harris @ Caiger And Co. Catering