Saturday, 14 January 2012

I scream, You scream, We all scream Ice-Cream

I was recently invited by my sister to join her on the adventures to find the BEST ice-creameries in Melbourne, who would say no to that? Well perhaps someone who doesn't enjoy the frozen cream or ice based product because it's too cold or they get freeze head-aches....... but not I.

Guns blazing, list in hand we set out on our expedition for a day of ice- cream eating. First stop Gelatissimo, located on busy Lygon street, this small gelati shop is jam packed with amazing flavours of ice-cream or sorbets. When arriving the store was bare, but something must have enticed everyone to come in within moments of arriving...... maybe it was us??? A packed container of 3 scoops of Biscottini, toffee malt and creme brule I figure why not just over indulge myself and get a scoop of Hot Nutella to complete the experience. This ice-creamery had a fantastic variety and each one sure to be as delicious as each other, I do remember going there in 2011 and trying vegemite flavours ice-cream, although bizarre it was an experience to even just say you've had it.

Shortly to follow we chose to go to a store that was recommended for a visit. Located in Brunswick east, we would not have considered to venture to this part of Lygon street for Gelati, but a quick stop into Gelobar was on the list. Slightly disheartened on our experience we were still pleased with our choice of apple pie and Zabiglione flavours. We found this to be slightly more softer and less creamy than that at Gelatissimo, and still had pleasure sitting out side and devouring it all. We think that perhaps with a little bit more clearer signs and some more atmosphere this parlour could become a great place to visit. And if your not into ice-cream well they have mini cakes and slices too, so you don't have to miss out.

Starting to feel the hit of sugar and feeling engorged in ice- cream heaven our trip took us through to Passionflower located on Bourke street. Amazed with there different flavours such as black sesame, sticky rice or milk tea, we thought it was going to be an adventure on its own.

This ice-creamery has it's own originality that you can not beat. Living on the edge we chose to get something that was daring and intriguing. A scoop of sticky rice and black sesame ice-cream served with gluteus balls and crushed nuts was surely daring enough for Kylie. The ice-cream was perfect, not too sweet and contained enough flavour to dive in for more. Not entirely sure what the black balls were and am still trying to work on finding that out, but overall the texture was bizarre, a chewy texture like taffy covered in black sesame was definitely something I've never experienced.

Passionflower has an amazing dessert menu and is highly recommended for a visit. If you are not one to live on the edge, there are plenty of other dessert options for you to indulge in, which they call the Western flavours - pancakes, crepes, waffles galore. And if you enjoy your sugar rushes and just feel that you need to quench your thirst why not try there drinks? We had a watermelon and lychee drink on ice served with a scoop of lime sorbet and hybiscus flower. Amazing flavour once again but is very extreme in sweetness.

Now although 3 stops for ice-cream is not too many, neither of us could eat too much more after Passionflower, so our list is still in hand and will continue again in a few weeks, so keep your eyes out for our updates on our adventures to find the best ice-cream in Melbourne. So far we say go to Passionflower, out of all the ice-cream today that is currently rated at number 1 on our list.

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