Friday, 10 July 2015

Boom Boom Shake the Room

Some like it hot and some like it well...... you know how it goes but on this occasion you all must like it hot.

An extraordinary Jamaican Restaurant in Yarraville 'Bax Food' is delivering nothing but delicious and spicy cuisine and all things Jerk.

The interior is vibrant in colours and welcomes by staff ensures to be homely.  The bench styled seating makes for a cozy atmosphere and a casual ordering system somewhat like a yum cha style.

With cocktails on the way and after a friendly chat to our waiter food has taken over our thoughts. Spice and heat is nothing to cringe at, but more to understand the threshold you can enjoy. The boundaries of heat to break you
but yet still enjoy the complete dish.

To order you will need to understand that it is casual and there is no line between entree and main, unless you order in that manor.

To begin we set our mouths on an electrifying wake up with Jerk Roasted corn with coconut and a jerk  mayo. Sweet succulent corn with a slight burnt Jerk flavouring and added heat from the mayo, and clear wake up for your mouth with the explosions of flavour.

Shortly followed on the Jerk flavouring was the Picpaapeppa Hot Wings. One dish to truly start those hot sweats with, but the chicken is succulent and so tender that the meat just falls away and melts in your mouth. Truly outstanding.

For something to reduce the heat, or for those who shy away for such powerful flavoured dishes I would look at enjoying the Pull pork sliders with a slight honey BBQ flavour and a hint of slaw on a sweet brioche bun, will truly assist you with a refresh on the palate before you continue taking on the heat or something to enjoy for those that say no to thee burn.

For the main we went for the Goat curry which is served with potato roti. By golly me this dish is so incredible it's unbelievable. Beautiful full spiced flavoured curry that glistens under the light  with the most well treated and tender goat I have ever had.

Match it with some slaw or some rice and happy days you will want to eat it every night. This truly was the most magnificent dish of the night and I am still talking about it days after.

Dessert brought a much desired refresher to the tastebuds with the sweet potato cake and fresh grapefruit with condensed milk. The sweet potato cake is fudgy and fairy heavy but lovely and sweet like a pumpkin pie. With the grapefruit it is on the other end of the rector scale bringing a tart and sour combination. if you combine the 2 well it's a fantastic balanced combination that your palate will thank you for.

I really did have a great adventure here and although I did reach my threshold of spice, it was absolutely delicious to say the least. It was a truly a powerful flavoured evening and one that I will go back to time and time again.

Bax Food Co
83 Gamon Street
9689 2854

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