Friday, 23 March 2012

A nail biting decision

Has Melbourne finally reached the point of too many choices? Thousands of restaurants, repeatative cusines and nothing new.

Multiple restaurant search sites such as the famous urban spoon allows us to search for restaurants and reduce it down to the location where we want, but how do you single the one from the other? Is it the menu, the look of the restaurants or perhaps the blogger who has recommended it?

It becomes a nail biting decision, especially when their is a group of you going out together. You have to think of each individual research the menu, look at the gallery on the web page (if they have one) and then finally go with your gut instinct and book it.

I like to live on the adventurous side of life and book somewhere I've never been before, to try something new. Sometimes it is a risk and a complete FAIL, but more 8 times out of 10 we find ourselves a winning restaurant, cafe or bar.

So what is it that I look for to find delicious restaurants to drag Paul along side or friends along too? 

It all starts with the search I guess through the urban spoon, true local sites and reading the local newspapers on the current review. Hours of reading reviews from others then finally venturing to the website of one thats caught my eye and then study the menu to see if anything is striking or is just repetitive from another restaurant. 

Unfortunately I get frustrated to see the same menu to another restaurant, as it shows no individuality to make it their own, and to see the exact same decor shows there is no love and thought into the restaurant, they just think it's a simple game and don't understand what lies beneath owning a cafe or restaurant.

So what strikes them out on my list of possibilities is, a non enticing menu, repetitive decor to the similar cuisine restaurants and in this day and age the no web page. The world of technology that we are in today should allow the restaurants to promote more, and with out this there isn't anything to make my mind choose them from the other that has even just a simple page to show you what they offer.

I undertand that cafe's of coffee bars are not as huge as restaurants and that's where word of mouth comes into play, which is also a big thing in my book. When it comes down to a spot of the best coffee, word of mouth is the way to go. It is stronger than any other promotional angle anyone can take, but be careful. 1 bad experience to a customer and you're in trouble. That 1 bad experience with a customer will tell 5 times as many people than if you had a gave them a good experience.

It would good to see Melbourne get back on track with not having so many of the same restaurants in a few block radious. For example Brighton/ Hampton area has an extreme amount of Italian restaurants to choose from, but a surprising lower amount of pub or food bars.

If you were to open up an restaurant I would think that you would research your area where you wish to establish and ensure your competition is not significantly high so your trade would boom. I have never understood this, especially in small suburbs. Melbourne itself is different where you have Lygon street and China town but it works. The smaller suburbs really should make more of a diverse cuisine for more choice and a more booming trade for the area. 

In the end it does make it difficult for the individual to choose and makes it even harder for the restaurants to get people to choose them over there competition and it's stressful times for everyone. But if the restaurants are lucky to get a foodie through there doors and review it on there blog pages it's a bonus for them and even better for you to choose them over another. 

So that nail biting decision is risk taking, but can be worth every penny if you do your research. The choices are now limitless, and their is no way in my life time that I will dine to each individual restaurant, not only would that be expensive but it would be insane but some what tasty for sure.

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