Monday, 18 June 2012

Not a fast food burger

There are plenty of burger joints throughout Melbourne and everyone will have their own opinions on which one is the best, but one has just made its way onto Chapel street, South Yarra and I would like to welcome Jus Burgers to the city. There lives started off in Perth W.A and was a great hit, along with another 3 places located Subiaco, Nothbridge and Freo, they chose to move and open its doors to start a new challenge.

This trendy little place with its brick graffiti walls and funky back section laid out with fake grass and a feel of sitting at a picnic table is casual and relaxing. Counter service and a menu for all burger lovers to gorge themselves silly with the combinations provided or the ability to make your own monstrosity.

A burger for me has to be outstanding, it has to be something that you struggle to get your mouth around and easy to grasp in 2 hands. It has to be packed with fresh flavours and not to be dripping in fat from the patty. And the most important is the bun, it has to not fall apart on the first bite. It has to stay together and hold the burger in tack for the entire burger experience. None of these cheap buns that you can buy where they crumble from the moisture of the sauce or from the juices of the meat. It has to soak up everything but not get soggy. It may seem impossible as most joints can make an amazing burger but fail it he bun department.

Here at Jus Burgers they have it all down pack. Fresh brioche buns toasted perfectly and able to hold anything that is put into the middle. A juicy meat patty, that is tender and not dripping in oil and then the fresh produce of lettuce tomato and cheese, it's a perfect match.

The main key factor here at Jus Burgers is the No Freezer policy. Everything is made fresh and produce is delivered every day to maintain the ideal perfect flavours that makes a burger amazing. I think this is an amazing idea and wish others would follow in there foot steps. When your looking over the menu lthough you may think the prices are a little higher than others, but you need to remember that it's 100% fresh and it's worth every mouthful. I've said this before 'fresh is best', it's a lot cleaner and healthier for you.

So lets get onto the burgers shall we? I go for the Govnor burger with a perfectly cooked burger patty with crisp lettuce, tomato and Spanish onion, and decided to go crazy and add their suggested truffled chicken parfait along with some good old avocado and mushroom for good measure. Made into a meal with chips and slaw the burger is showcased towering on a plank with a mighty knife jabbed through the centre to hold it together.

The first sight of the burger gives the wow factor in presentation and makes your mouth water with anticipation to sink your teeth straight into it. Fantastic flavours and with the addition of the parfait it becomes quite rich and with the subtle flavours of their house made aioli and relish that's put in every burger it accompanies it perfectly.

Amongst the remaining burgers chosen by friends were the Mullet burger a fantastic choice for the true blue Aussie. Filled with free ranged egg, beetroot, bacon and cheese. The Wagyu burger was on premium choice with hints of wasabi mayo and then we head towards the vegetarian varieties of the Vego with balsamic onions, avocado, mushrooms, beetroot and roast peppers. Cheese is also an option in the Vego dependant if you are vegan. The last burger of the evening was the Temph burger, another vegetarian option which fascinated me. With a combination of marinated papita seeds, cumin, paprika and sunflower seeds made into a patty and finished off with the toppings of lettuce, tomato and onion. The burger looked like it had a muesli bar in replacement of the patty and looked so healthy. All friends agreed that each of their burgers we're superb.

For all the vegetarians out there you will also be pleased to know that at Jus burgers they cook all your burgers etc on a separate fryer.

Now let's talk about the sides, I know they are the small accompaniments to your dish but they need mentioning. Golden crispy chips are hand cut never frozen of course and were served with a chutney, the slaws were good but was slightly disappointed with the slight dirty cabbage texture, but could tell the freshness. And then there are the onion rings, my new favourite. So sweet and golden coated these little gems were addictive. Served with the aioli they were soon to be vanish quicker than your eyes could blink. Here I can say 1 serve is not enough, if your with a friend make sure you have a bowl just to your self to indulge with.

It's great to see such fresh produce making its way it to the world of fast food places, but here I would say its more casual dining than fast food. Great to catch up before the movies down at the jam factory or somewhere relaxing and a cheap eat. Not taking reservations be mindful on the night you choose cause once the word gets out about Jus burgers you'll have to get in early to get a table.

Jus Burgers
364 Chapel st,
South Yarra, VIC
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  1. The burger looks amazing! I must give it a try!

    1. It was a definite tasty burger, was also reviewed in this weeks Epicure. Thinks its going to be the new hit of burger places in Melbourne

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