Sunday, 29 July 2012

Breath taken

Black Rock is just not filled with history down on Half moon bay with the HMVS (Her Majesty's Victorian Ship) Cerberus, which came to rest after years of service in the Victorian Naval Forces, Commonwealth Navel Forces and the Royal Australian Navy. It is home to a magnificent restaurant "Cerberus Beach House'.

This outstanding secluded restaurant over looks the cove of Half Moon bay that sweeps around to the views of the city, and of course perfect views of the HMVS Cerberus wreck. It is so tranquil both day and night and is truly a haven for those who venture here.

Just finishing their celebrations of there 2nd birthday we are welcomed with open arms and shown to our candle light table. Acoustic seductive tunes played by Josh Roydhouse makes a perfect setting for those for a romantic dinner, or just to enjoy a relaxing night out with friends or family.

Breath taking as the view may be, the food is even more so. Each dish is show cased with great technique with every element perfectly matched to make it mouth watering.

Starting our night with the sharing plate of Ham hock & leek terrine, presented on a wooden paddle was accompanied with confit duck rillettes, fig jam, pickled eggs and marinated artichoke. Served with warm bread this was a fantastic beginning to our evening. Most people would know terrines to be served at fridge cold temperatures but we were pleased to find that here they serve it more at room temperature. The flavours of both the terrine and the rillettes were perfect, natural flavours with nothing over powering to dissolve what was to be the hero's of the dish. The pickled eggs were a fantastic modern spin on the dish. Never having pickled eggs before this was a perfect time to do so. A hint of spice and believed to have been pickled in red wine vinegar making it purple in colour was delicious and a great accompaniment to both the ham and duck.

The daily special main of Spaghetti with Chatham island blue cod with asparagus and pesto butter was almost unexplainable, but if that truly was the case I wouldn't be doing a very good job in trying to entice you. Almost not wanting to give the hubby a try due to it's succulent mouth watering flavours, I don't think I've had fish this perfectly cooked in a long time. The blue cod pieces just fell apart and was a treasure for your taste buds, the pesto was fresh and flavoursome but not over powering to take away from the flavours of the cod. Not thinking I could get through the large serving it was more surprising that I couldn't stop and before you knew it I had finished. This was worth commending the chef and passing on my gratitude for bringing such amazing flavours to me.

With the other main being the Lamb back strap, this too in cased natural flavours of which complimented each element either on their own or made for a match in heaven when put together. Tender lamb with roasted pumpkin, marinated fetta cubes rocket and walnut salad finished with a balsamic glaze. There was nothing on the plate that wasn't meant to be here, and if you are not overly fond of eating seafood then go for this dish. It would have to be a crowd pleaser for sure as it defiantly won us over.

Dessert of the Pineapple and star anise tart tatin and the daily souffle special of plum souffle with raspberry sorbet was on order to finish this delectable evening, and it was not to disappoint either. The Pineapple tart tatin served with delicate clover honey ice cream and a sesame tuile is very unique and was ultimately delicious and sweet. Golden pastry with caramelised pineapple rings finished with such a smooth sweet honey ice cream that just cut through the acidity of the pineapple. The tuile was a fantastic accompaniment and I think they should sell little packets of them as they are addictive that I wanted more.

Priding themselves with their ever changing souffle flavours, and so they should be. So light and delicate with subtle plum flavours in this evenings special, with a full flavoured raspberry sorbet was ultimately amazing. The sorbet can be noticed to have used real fruit instead of flavouring and like almost eating raspberries straight from the bush, was a great accompaniment to such a light souffle.

Service is outstanding and we loved the service of Scott who not only made us laugh and enjoy the dining experience, went out of the way to answer any questions about the area or information about the dishes.

Open for Lunch and Dinner Tuesday til Sunday, with Breakfast coming to be available once summer comes around allows you plenty of time to go down and enjoy both views, fine service and ultimately brilliant food. We are already planning our bookings for breakfast to ensure we wont miss out because surly in summer months this gem will be bustling with diners lining up to get in.

Whats even better is that it's not in the city. With such great flavours and detail that are put into their menu, who would want to deal with parking and travelling? This hidden gem needs not only supporters from the local community, but those who cherish such great food.

Cerberus Beach House has entered into our foodie hearts and will endeavour to continue to support them not only by eating here on a regular occurrence but by spreading the word on how breath taken we are with this established venue.

Cerberus Beach House
250 Beach road
Boat Shed 212
Half Moon Bay, Black Rock, VIC
9533- 4028
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