Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Addiction to chocolate is becoming more rapid today and although heath concerns of obesity may be spoken about lightly, it seems as though we are still being forced to consume large quantities as the are left as impulse buys at the check out counters and at discount prices.

Mind over matter allows us to say no, but to say no to a petrol stations buy one get one free or 2 for $4.00 urges us to say that's a bargain, and I really need that sugar hit today. People in offices often find the need for a pick me up as their day may lag and eyes become weary and with a coffee in hand it's easy to have a chocolate bar in the other. Other people who are active have worked off their sugar and feel they need that burst of energy to get them through the rest of their day. It's a dog eat dog world and for majority of us we have become addicted to something that once was a treat for being good.

This one confectionery is the worlds most desired flavours, yet most of us do not know the exact origin of where it's deliciousness has been created.

Chocolate is created from fruits found on the cocao tree 'Theabroma Cocao' and it's the seeds of which we use to make this delicious treat.  Formed over 2,000 years ago it has become known to be the most nutritionally complex of foods containing numerous health benefits.

Good chocolate holds traces of magnesium that assists with brain function, chromium that regulates blood flow, iron to promote oxygen to the blood and of course anti oxidants to prevent ageing, DNA damage, heart disease and cancer.

Recently though I have discovered a small alternate choice of chocolate that is said to be a lot healthier for you containing a lot less sugar and natural ingredients of which preservatives and flavourings are eliminated from the product. As strange as it may seem this chocolate can only be consumed in small doses too, one little square will fix you for the day.

Raw chocolate found in health shops mainly supply a number of flavoured chocolates that are rich and intense. Made from the un-roasted cacao beans it has been tested to contain up to 2 times the amount of anti oxidants as regular chocolate that you find in the super markets that has been created by the roasted cacao bean.

The raw chocolate is both certified organic - holding no chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers nor has it been irradiated, and is dairy free giving it a greater bio availability of the nutrients that's inside the cacao.

It's sweetness is generated by Agave syrup which is nectar from a cactus. It's all natural, low GI and releases energy slowly into the blood. So this is suitable for those diabetics who suffer from hypoglycemia.

Flavours are varied from the standard cacao nibs to more unique flavours such as:
Purple corn- variety of maize from Peru
Activated almonds-  almonds soaked in water which release their natural enzyme
Goji Berries- used in Chinese medicine and high in anti oxidants & vitamin c
Camu Camu- Peruvian berry containing amino acid, leucine and valine. Compared to all other plants in the world this contains the highest vitamin c content
Maca-containing minerals, vitamins and 20 amino acids
With more flavours continued like chilli chocolate, coconut chocolate and mint.

As I've mentioned earlier 1 square of this Rich intense chocolate will set you up for the days hit. I was amazed at the smoothness in the texture and enjoyed the over all flavours having tried the chilli, mint and coconut. The mint had bits of cacao nibs in it for texture and left your mouth fresh with mint flavour. The chilli  is hot similar to the heat of the cayenne pepper and a great combination. All slightly bitter in flavour over all similar to a 60 - 70 % cocoa chocolate, but the milk is a little lighter and softer on the palate and a good choice to start with.

If you are a chocolate fanatic and know that standard conventional isn't the greatest thing to consume, but can't live with out it. Perhaps venture into the local health food stores and enquire about the raw chocolate brands.

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