Thursday, 20 September 2012

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

Well good morning readers, it's time you raise your weary heads, get out from underneath that nice warm dooner get dressed and head out for some tasty breakfast.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of your day, so you may as well make it the most amazing dish that will make you happy and help you put that spring in your step. Starting the day off with delicious goodness would have to be the easiest remedy to ensure you have a good day.

So where have I stumbled upon today you may wonder...... and if your not wondering where I have been, well I'm going to tell you and inspire you to venture there too.

Two birds one stone is a quaint and cheque little place located down Claremont street off Toorak road South Yarra, right near the Bonds factory outlet. It's not where you would normally investigate for breakfast as I only knew this street as offices and factory out lets and I have to admit, it's easy to walk straight past if you weren't looking.

Decked out in it's stone greys, blacks and crisp white it really does give you that classic feel, simple yet very relaxing and friendly. Greeted by the team in a friendly manor and choices of communal or tables for seating, I tucked myself in the corner just observing the business and enjoying delicious food and coffee.

It's 9:30am and although these trendy business goers should be at work, but they are here having meetings or bringing their work with them. Natural sunlight comes straight through their ceiling to floor windows which would have to beat a dreary office any day.

Menu's scream Yum! French toast with oranges, Bacon and eggs, Bircher muesli or how about a chocolate elderflower brioche pop tart from the specials?  It wasn't without temptations to go for the chocolate elderflower special, but I thought 9:30 in the morning and about to start work myself really isn't the best of meals to start me off, although that sugar high can sometimes come in handy, in my work the come down off that sugar high will destroy me when I'm finishing at 8pm.

So something maybe a little sweet, but healthy seemed to be what I was requiring to fill my stomach. So Banana bread seemed to be the perfect remedy, served with poached prunes, pistachios and clotted cream.

Chunks of banana flowed through my 2 thick slices of toasted bread smothered with poached prunes and syrup. The pistachios and cream help cut through the sweetness of the syrup and made for one a very satisfying dish.

I love banana bread toasted with butter that seeps into it and those hidden walnuts, but I would say that on a breakfast out this has now become one of the best banana bread breakfasts.  It is very filling and can become overly sweet at times on the palate with the syrup soaking into the bread, but just take a rest, sip your coffee. Your palate just needs a change of flavour for a brief minute. Once you've done that go back to it and feel that rejuvenation. Their should be no rush when you come here.

I do wish I had someone to have accompanied me today as their was too many temptations, so looks like I'm headed back here, not that I'm complaining.

The coffee is good, slightly stronger than the usual blends around the area, but it's still pleasant. Not bitterness so makes for easy consumption. I'm not too sure on whether the coffees are sitting on the pass for a little longer than usual as the milk had started to bubble a little, or perhaps it's the milk they have chosen to use. But to be perfectly honest it's nothing to screw your face up at.

My morning was a relaxed one this morning and I was very content and made me happier and somewhat fuller when heading to work. I'm glad it's just a short distance from me, and know that those lunch breaks or early finishes could lead me back here.

Hope you all have a great day filled with deliciousness.

Two Birds One Stone
12 Claremont Street
South Yarra
9827 1228

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