Monday, 7 January 2013

Not so fastidious

Our evening was a little strange I have to say as we enter an evening of uncertainty and dabble in a world of fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Sure this could end up to be an amazing night filled with new flavours, but on the other hand we may be reminiscing a complete disaster.

Our evening at Dainty Sichuan did not start off gracefully and I sigh that I have to say that. I have walked past and smelt the amazing aromas as I walk to the South Yarra station heading home from work and always filled with diners.
The service this evening was the downer, as it was non existant. Not being able to catch a waiter who could explain how the menu worked was frustrating. More embarrassing is that we had to ask a siding table how it worked and what they suggested as it was difficult to even get another waiters attention.

So we used recommendations and just went with it. The evening was going to be a hope for the best kind of night and wing it.

Once a waiter was flagged we were able to order, and at least our evening picked up from there.

Green beans coated in golden flakes of garlic was a great fixture to fight off those vampires or colds. Strong garlic flavours coat each vibrant green bean.

The pork ribs were sensational, a sweet sticky sauce coats the ribs with the meat coming off the boan. Succulent flavours that melted in your mouth, you could eat a plate on your own. If you were unsure on what to have it would be easy just to have the ribs with rice and some beans. You'd be set for the night.

Fo something a little different and for all those corn lovers, try the cooked corn mix. Juicy corn kernels lightly coated and fried were sweet explosions. Almost like popcorn and corn on a cob combined together. Very light and a great vegetable component to your meat dishes.

Koh Pow Chicken was the dish of excellence. Tenderly cooked chicken pieces with chilli and peanuts. Similar to a satay but better.
Bursts of nuts flavour combined with the hints of chilli makes your tongue dance. A highly recommended dish for all.

The Hot pot is a unique way to eat and I have only seen this done at Dainty Sichuan. Choose a style of stock, choose your chilli power and then go crazy or keep it simple with your ingredients. 

Each ingredient comes out and you cook up your pot in the centre of the table. A great communal dish and great conversational point to the table. Ingredients such as beef and corriander balls, prawns, noodles, pumpkin, lotus root and more can be chosen.

As it cooks infront of you you can enjoy this soup dish with rice or by itself. I would suggest to grab a bit of spice as the stock needs a bit of kick. Alternatively you could choose items from the list that are a strong flavour that will enhance your stock more.

We grabbed just the small size stock and I have to say it was huge. 5 people couldn't finish it off so that's saying something.

Our evening was great for socialising and I would have to say the bigger the table the better you will be and the more flavours you can experience. I enjoyed my company and the food, so my night had a pretty good ending. I just hoped for a little more service to my night but hey it wasn't the most terrible night. I left with a full tummy and a smile on my face, so I'm content.

Dainty Sichuan
176 Toorak Road
South Yarra
9078 1686

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