Sunday, 3 February 2013

Beauty & the Beast

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers. There's no doubt that we all love them. Juicy beef patties layered with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, slices of melted cheese and an overdose of sauce between two buns.

Grab a simple burger or take to a tower where you need to dislocate your jaw to get it in your mouth. Either way burgers are always full of flavour and a crowd pleaser.

I ventures to an uptempo burger joint in Brunswick East with some friends to only return a few days later with Hubby in tow. Clear signs that these burgers are good, don't you think?

The B.East showers you in stylish burgers with even better names. Choices are to hard to choose I must admit and I will one day go there enough to work my way through the menu.

My first visit enticed me to go for 'The Filthy', a mustard fried beef pattie, sliced vintage cheese, smother of the Beast chilli paste, pickled onions, cos and a fiery jalapeno mayo to finish.

A slight heat wave hits you on your first bite, but so amazing in bold flavours their is no way that your taste buds will stop you from devouring this fine burger.

On the second time round it was the 'Pork'. juicy 12 hour slow cooked pork shoulder pulled into the soft brioche bun with hints of crispy pork crackling, cos and a sweet green apple and cinnamon sauce. Hello Sunday roast!

The tower if you choose to take the battle and possible end results could be either someone to roll you out the door or even a call to an ambulance is their very own 'The Beast'. Brioche bun overloaded with triple beef pattie, triple bacon to be smothered in chilli cheese sauce, lettuce, pickled onions and tomato. The name says it all.

A true battle to those who concour such a monstrosity. You can even go one further with this burger and get your name on the wall of fame if you devour it in 3 minutes.

Sides of American styles fried pickles with ranch dressing, Poutine chips, Onion rings and more are there to accompany those tasty mouth watering, juicy burgers.

Pumping D.J music makes for a social gathering, grab a table outside if you wish for a quieter evening. Beers, cocktails, burgers and music make your Friday or Saturdays perfect.

If you're not entertained enough mid week, why not involve yourself and friends in their Trivia nights on Tuesdays. Test your brains, eat a luscious burger and settle back with a beer in hand. Can't get any better could it?

I'm looking forward to my many more visits to the B.East. The question is do I take on the 'Easy' beef, Dayelsford maple smoked bacon, free range egg and crushed green tomato or the 'Kiev' crumbed chicken stuffed with brie and tarragon fondue finished with lettuce, tomato and a mustard mayo?

Don't panic Vegetarian friends. They have burgers for you too that sound just as amazing as the rest. The 'Coburger' took my eye with field mushrooms, walnuts and goat's cheese.

It's certainly one of the best Burger joints on the out skirts of town and worth the drive to get there if you're on the other side.

The B.East
80 Lygon Street
Brunswick East
9036 1456

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