Thursday, 14 March 2013

I Love You & I Love My Food

When you think of Romance your mind sweeps you away straight to France or their Romantic capital Paris a place where love connects you with another.

Hearts bloom, girls swept off their feet and the food, oh the food. If there is something that could bring people together it's food..... well it would win me over every time that's for certain.

So it's my Anniversary with my beloved Husband. 5 years of marriage and a good 11 years of being together. A romantic evening of course is in order to celebrate the life of Love and their is no better way to do so than to dine with some exquisite French cuisine.

Bistro Thierry located in Hawksburn was our destination, and I have to say Romance on a plate was delivered. A 4 round evening of delicious full flavoured and absolute Divine food was presented each and every time. Each mouthful had heart and soul and made our celebration perfect.

To start we selected there daily special of a Veal tartare; delicate veal with a soft quail egg, hints of herbs and truffle was melt in your mouth perfection. I am a lover of tartare and the softer flavour of veal was just to die for.

Roasted quail with black pudding was rich and bold flavoured. The quail succulently cooked with a crisp gold skin and the black pudding was soft and delicate. Vegetables of baby glazed onions and kale finished off by micro herbs was amazing. Perfectly balanced with a glass of red was a match made in heaven.

You can't say your going traditional french if you don't have Escargot. Snails aren't so terrifying as people make them out to be. They are actually a tasty dish, served in a garlic buttery sauce, anyone could enjoy them. On their own the snail itself doesn't have too much of a flavour. I think most people get worried about eating them as they slide there way through life and as kids we watch them as a slimy creature. But fear not, these ones definitely aren't slimy, texturally they are firm and full of garlic butter goodness. Make sure you grab plenty of crispy bread to soak up that sauce too cause you won't want to waste it.

The other dish that most people shudder at are the Brains. I used to squirm when I thought of it but now that I've had them a few times I think I love them more and more. Strange it may be, and hard to explain but brains did not taste how I thought they would. Mind you I can honestly say I am not too sure on what I thought they would taste like.

They have a very soft and creamy texture and wrapped in air dried ham and pan fried they have a subtle flavour. Served with sauteed mushrooms and a herbed mayo it was a delicious dish.

A delicate palate cleanser of Crayfish salad and a serve seared scallop's were chosen to complete our savoury dishes before heading to dessert.

The cray fish salad served cold was sweet and juicy. Served with asparagus and radish it was a fantastic light and a great cleanser from having such bold flavours previously. On a hot summers day you could easily enjoy this salad with a glass of champagne during a ladies day out.

The Pan seared scallop's, glorious! Golden pan crust served with a delicate blue swimmer crab bisque and pea puree was perfect. Another either light starter or a great refresher to the palate. The scallop's were juicy and cooked to perfection, melt in your mouth. Accompanied with the bisque it added that hint of depth to the dish.

To finish our Romantic evening and the night that has delivered a food lover more than her heart desired is of course Dessert. Now you don't have to be a foodie to know what two French desserts are the must have, although there are 3 in my book. No I did not have all three as I would have not been able to move from my seat.

The three top French desserts are; Souffle, Creme brule and Crepes. Desserts are something that we all know make the night end on a high. So we went for the Chocolate souffle and the classic Creme brule. Both were exquisite and a must have.

The chocolate souffle came out, and at first I was wowed but then amazed when my waiter took my spoon broke it open then poured the hot chocolate ganache into the centre. My heart was filled with desire,. The smell of hot rich chocolate was surrounding me, I was in love! Not with my hubby but for my chocolate souffle.

Each mouthful is as decadent as the first, but you do need that vanilla bean ice cream to break you away from that potential chocolate coma.

The Creme brule was perfect. A snap in the golden caramel and a soft silky vanilla bean custard. It spoke to you in each mouthful. I had to steal some and add it to my souffle. Naughty I know but so worth it.

Everything tonight was perfect. The ambiance was quiet and relaxed, the staff professional and attentive. The food well as you can tell it was filled with heart and soul.

I was blown away with my evening and made our Anniversary one to remember for years to come. If you are after an evening with your loved one or to just go out and enjoy some classic french food, I have to say try Bistro Thierry. They deliver everything, service, style, and food.

Bistro Thierry
511 Malvern Rd,
9824 0888

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