Sunday, 11 August 2013

Boutique Roast

Large arch windows captivating the sunlight through the stain glass brings a tranquil feel to this very fresh morning. As the sunlight shines across the rich wooden tables and flooring I semi feel that I have escaped somewhere in the country.

The Mailing Room located in Canterbury has recently been voted the 2013 boutique roster, and rightfully so. Its exquisite blends tantalise any coffee lovers taste buds with a combination of special roasts and presses. Not only that but they have a rather scrumptious menu too.

My first choice of blend this morning is the Guatemala entre volcanes. This perfectly rounded blend contains a sparkling acidity with a touch of honey essence. A rich caramelised raspberry and cocoa leaves for a medium bodied coffee. Enjoyed as espresso (milk can be added if so desired) this was a lovely beginning and a perfect way to waken the mind.

Enjoyed whilst gorging myself in some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, fresh avocado and beetroot relish, cause why wouldn't you want that for your your first meal of the day? It was as explained to be to every element.

You know it's great seeing barista's getting involved in perfecting their coffee skills, and most often it's just that. It's the kind of 'get them in and get them out' routine in the CBD. Office people rushing in and being anxious as they are late for their meetings but expect to produce the premium blends perfectly.

However at Mailing Room it's different. Here I can enjoy being explained the blends they are using and the flavours I should expect to taste when enjoying it. Here its really about respecting the blend from it's original bean to the roster, how to get the best extraction flavour then finally to you  the customer.

The second round of coffee that I enjoyed a lot was the Ethiopia tchembre n2, which held a silky mango chocolate flavour with a hint of fig to finish. Using the pour over press this light delicious coffee was subtle and with out sounding pooncy has delicate tones and aromas of sweet fruits.

Here I enjoyed being explained how the heating of the roast was not exceeded past a particular point due to the fact that they wanted me to enjoy the under tones better which are what makes the blend so delicious. This is where I felt privileged to be enjoying such blends created here. It's not about the high capacity of lattes and cappuccinos.

I did get to also taking home some whole beans so I could continue to enjoy the blends of the Mailing room. Taking the India Thalanar Estate I enjoyed my morning wake ups with a floral aromatic blend, which held a medium body and low acidity. A perfect choice for the white coffee drinkers. It has a hint of a strawberry aroma which adds a little bit of sweetness to the blend and is very enjoyable while extracting through my machine.

With only being a moments drive out of the busy CBD this Large corner cafe awaits you.

The Mailing Room
206 Canterbury rd,

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