Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Exceeding the Normal

Well Christmas is over and the new year has begun and I've been off the radar for a good 6 weeks, but never fear I've been eating lots and have plenty of reads coming your way.

The only thing I have to really put my mind to is where should I start? Should I start talking about the many burgers I have devoured, the brunches that were relaxing, the ice creams that are so heavenly or just about my Christmas feast in my new home.

Let me think....... Maybe I should just start at the beginning of my many weeks of my food comas and adventures.

Super Normal Canteen (Test Kitchen) is a delicious source of a pop up eatery and opened through till the 1st of March. A  sample of what will be an amazing restaurant serving us scrumptious modern Asian dishes.

Succulent prawns drowning in a miso sauce tantalises your testbeds and although I dislike the word that I use next to describe it, but it's true. The flavours make you salivate and is a soft way to begin your evening.

Some Peppers are ordered but saddened to find out that the seeds have been gutted and don't stimulate heat. However add some lovely chilli condiments that sit in front of you to flavour it up a notch .

The soft Bao never goes astray especially when you fill it with some wild boar meat to add more adventure to your evening. Not over powering in flavours and easy to enjoy. The bao's are fluffy like a new pillow and the meat a little richer than a simple pork, and very delicious.

Speaking of rich flavours the lobster rolls are a given choice for any seafood lover. Sweet milk buns becomes the home of sliced lobster in a creamy mayo dressing and rice. Simple but yet pretty scrumptious. When I read Lobster rolls my mind does tend to think American, but for some reason it works on this menu.

Of course when their are dumplings are on offer you have to have them. If your not a dumpling fan, then clearly you wouldn't but I'm just putting it out there that you would be missing out on something here.

Soaked in chilli oil these little dumplings are divine. Full flavoured gems that heat up the taste buds. I just wish the servings were bigger, or perhaps next time I devour a serve on my own....

Would you believe that we had to keep ordering dishes due to the fact that every time a dish came out and was presented on our communal table we wanted it.

I don't think strangers could fall for that what's that over there trick and steal their food. Could cause a rather abrupt argument.... but I do sometimes wonder what if I did that on a communal table. Food envy is a real thing and could potentially come to stealing other people food at a restaurant.

Dishes such as Tempura crab  served Vietnamese style with fresh lettuce and mint, cured octopus on a spiced capsicum and then Carpaccio of Waygu beef were all magnificent and hard to fault.

Everything was so tempting and there is still so much more that I wanted, so will only mean one thing.... I need to go back.

We of course though enjoyed some rather outstanding desserts though I have to admit. Some of the best desserts we have enjoyed for a while to tell you the truth.

A Lychee and sago dessert with freeze dried raspberries was sweet and textually amazing. Bursts of sago with the tartness of raspberries and sweet from the lychee was an adventure on its own.

The other hit and almost very hard to get a taste of due to Paul loving it so much was the Pink Lady soft serve ice cream. Luscious creamy soft serve exploding with sweet apple flavour and drizzled with a thick caramel and crushed nuts. It's as though you were eating a candy apple.

Service was a delight and food exceptional. As a test kitchen I don't think these guys will have to much trouble opening their real doors when the time comes.

Limited dining area of course being a pop up, however it still seats a good 60 or so. Get in early and their will be no problem getting a seat quickly and if you go at the usual peak eating time of 7:00 you will clearly be battling the many other hungry diners like any restaurant around that time. It's worth a visit and a trial, there isn't much you can choose wrong here.

Supernormal Canteen (Test Kitchen)
53 Gurtrude Street
9419 4888

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