Sunday, 26 January 2014

We are going Sunny side up in Brunswick

It's great getting to know your locals. You are able to extract their knowledge of where they think the best places are to go and eat.

I am always one for asking people where they go for breakfast, seeing as it's my favourite thing to do, I am always on the look out for new places that are hidden or under the realisation on how amazing they are.

I have been told by several local breakfast attics that Jelly stone is the place to go, and since being there it too has now become my local favorite morning hide out.

Behind a stone wall is a gem of Brunswick serving tasty hearty breakfasts, smooth coffee and the most friendly service I have come across. Staff are down to earth and are more than happy to bring up random conversations or even include you in their own conversations. It's chilled and relaxing.

Breakfast is as it should be. An overloading plate of goodness. Here they are not trying to deliver you something extravagant and compete with finer service styles, it's a real breakfast with a slight variance to make it their own.

The Notorious VEG is filled with avocado, tomato, saganaki, mushrooms, eggs and beans. A big breakfast for vegetarians and adding a lil bacon to the side you have a big breakfast for the meat eaters. Everything is piled on, not being shy of anything. Be hungry for this one.

Now I am always a sucker when corn bread is offered so of course I had to try the beans and corn bread. Spiced up beans were delicious and made me a very happy person. The warm toasted corn bread made a great accompaniment. The bread was not too dense wither which made for a more pleasurable experience. The beans are topped with an avocado smash but of course I had to add a lil bacon too.

It was certainly one eye catching breakfast and got me excited.

As I said the coffee here is smooth, and medium strength. The best thing here is when you ask for a strong coffee, you get a strong coffee. It will be sure to wake you up, and as the saying goes; it will surely go 'POW right in the kisser''.

To also get you excited you have to test their milkshakes. Sure you can go a chocolate and vanilla, but why not go that little bit more extravagant and grab a ginger bread and salted caramel or a chocolate and peanut butter shake? Thick and tasty it's the only way a milkshake should be wouldn't you say.

It's a great location and am glad we were advised to go there. As it was explained to us originally the menu is exactly what you are looking for when you want a breakfast and then when it's bought to you it is exactly what the menu said it is.

It's certainly up there in my breakfast destinations, and maybe I will see you there soon too.

179 Albion st
9386 7750

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