Thursday, 19 June 2014

1 UP

I figured that with all the addiction going towards Mario Cart 8, and also me becoming engaged with the world of Nintendo games for the first time at the age of 30+ (shameful I know) there is nothing better than to discuss the wonders of 8 bit.

8Bit, located in Footscary has become a rapid hit on the burger front with the inspiration of incorporating the game world into the food culture.

Now don't judge me, but not being a gamer myself I seemed very vague and didn't understand the titles of the burgers, but my wonderful partner in crime, Paul has since educated me into the world of Nintendo. Not saying that I didn't know who Donkey Kong or Mario was, but the games themselves was something I didn't get into growing up.

So know that I have been drawn into this society of WiiU I feel even more excited to speak about 8 bit with the enthusiasm that you feel when you hit your opponent with a red shell, or you get that boost to push you over the line to come first.

Accentuated around parts of nintendo games where you can aspire to continue to feel part of the world by grabbing a 1 Up Burger or a Golden Axe Burger 8 bit draws the attention from all that pass by on the lunch hour.

I went for the Altered Beast; Beef pattie with cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, bacon, 8bit sauce and BBQ sauce. The other was the Double Dragon; Double beef pattie, bacon, mustard, cheese, pickles and lettuce with 8bit sauce. Both burgers were on sweet burger buns and the patties were juicy and not greasy.

The flavours were fresh and delicious and lead to a very enjoyable burger. My favourite thing is that the burgers come in what I would call a 1/2 box. Something you can easily grab with two hands and enjoy eating your burger with out the sauce dripping down your shirt. Thumbs up to that idea!

The accompaniments of chips are always a good choice, and here they are golden and crunchy. Onion rings are not my favorite from my travels, more I guess like how a fish and chippery would deliver. But then again they are still light and have a lovely crunch and sweet onion ring centre.

We did venture to the next step and although exploding at the seams we grasped our hands to share the 1942 hot dog. Grilled Bratwurst dog with pickle relish, mustard mayo, curry ketchup and slaw. Full flavoured and delicious. This dog delivered everything you would expect and along with the burgers made for very happy eating.

Now without fail you usually have the burger and shake combination, so don't be shy in ordering shakes here. Salted Caramel, Peanut butter, Strawberry cheesecake or Chocolate bar. Any of these flavours will perfectly wash down either burger or dog.

It was a great stop by at 8bit, and I couldn't believe how quickly it filled up with take aways flying out the door and people crossing their fingers to get the better characters as their numbers as they sat down to dine. The service was quick and the staff friendly even with working frantically over the lunch period, just after they have opened their doors.

I will surly be returning, but for now I am headed off to do some laps as Lakitu on my Yoshi bike with Cloud gliders.

8 Droop Street
9687 8838
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