Sunday, 29 June 2014

Awe-inspiring Masterpiece

The salt waves are rapidly hitting the shores of Half moon bay, and I'm sure you have read that in the last week that part of their pier has been washed ashore, but this shouldn't deter you from venturing down to Cerberus Beach house for an impeccable meal.

Cerberus is an outstanding family restaurant that is here to separate themselves from the surrounding competition and deliver something so mouth watering, that you will be in an awe of amazement and happiness.

Today I had the honour of meeting Cerberus's new Head Chef James Blight. Impressive talents have been brought to us from UK Michelin kitchens and years experience through the Private Dining RACV club.

Speaking with James I was able to get in touch with his inspiration and how Cerberus Beach House will create the best dinning experience you could ask for.

To be able to separate themselves from the basic calamari and chips that most of the Brighton - Moordialloc coast restaurants show on there menu's, Cerberus continues to stand out on presenting nothing but freshness and perfectly balanced cuisine that honestly can not be found anywhere close by.

A vibrant Ocean Trout tartare with seaweed and Jabari vinegar was outstanding.A perfect palate cleanser for the beginning of what was to come. Lightly cured pieces of ocean trout sat vibrantly surrounded by a seaweed sauce with hints of apple, fresh crisp cucumber rolls and shaved radish. The flavours were so natural, that you can tell that love of fish went into this.

To follow was something I will dream many nights about, and whilst I write this I am smiling wishing I could have another plate in front of me. Seared scallops with braised ox tail on a bed of celeriac pure, caper berries and rosemary wafers.

I can't express enough how glorious this dish is, and it has to be now one of my top 10 favourites. Seared scallops were so sweet and perfectly opaque, matched with a tender and rich ox tail that brought so much depth and flavour. The most smoothest and creamiest puree bundles everything together. Flawless is all I can say, add a little bit of everything on the wafer that dissolves but hits you with rosemary flavours you too will be wowed in amazement and glory. Could I perhaps say defiantly one to go on the food porn charts.

Golden sweet pork belly makes for anyone to become gluttonous in eating. 12 hour slow cooked Pork belly served with burnt bulbs and nasturtiums and confit swede. Pork that simply falls a part when you gently place your fork through is everyones dream, of which it has come true. Ash like onion sauce infused with squid ink truly enhances the sweetness of the pork. My question is, how come by crackle never turns out this way, crisp sweet and golden but not so crisp that your knife cant cut through the crackle.

Rich and tender Short Rib is another dish that simply falls apart naturally and holds beautiful meaty flavours that makes for a hearty winter dish. Slow cooked Black Label Short Rib accompanied with a parsnip puree, shaved cornichons, confit radish and finished with a truffle sauce.

Bold flavours a plenty with the infusion of truffle and short rib, but honestly you wouldn't want to experience anything other than this during winter. The crisp bread crust adds subtle texture and breaks up the creamy puree and succulent meat.

Dessert of a sample plate for two is a perfect way to bring your evening with a close. A sample of the Souffle of the day - in this case apricot souffle with raspberry sorbet, Pistachio and olive oil cake served with poached rhubarb and buttermilk sorbet and who could shy away from the Bitter chocolate mousse with hazelnut feuillentine with candied orange and served with grand marnier sorbet. Every part of the plate stood out on their own and made for a decadent, naughty and sweet ending.

Dishes such as the mains in the city would not even flinch in asking for $35-$40.00, it is outstanding that Cerberus continues to hold it's true to there focus of family and you will not see a main above $30.00, and entree's around the $17.50 mark.

Cerberus Beach House aims to deliver the best from their produce and not damage the wallets that we are grasping onto so tightly these days. It's a friendly and warm atmosphere with the team being outstanding in service. Owner Jamie Helliwell, Head Chef James Blight and team of Cerberus Beach House are here to showcase city dining in a place where family and friends can gather or perhaps for a romantic evening out.

It's funny though, speaking with James and understanding the industry myself I simply asked the question, is this what you always wanted to do? The answer NO! But surprisingly it's clear that this was what James was made to do. There is no shying away from the 11-12 hour days, the glory of his job is presented in front of you, and that's got to make anyone feel proud.

If you haven't been already, and know how much I rave about Cerberus then once again you are missing out and if you're reading about Cerberus Beach House for the first time, please don't wait any longer.... go there!

Capture the flavours and enjoy the view...... There's nothing else that needs to be said.

Cerberus Beach House
Boat Shed 12
Half Moon Bay, Black Rock
9533 4028

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