Monday, 25 August 2014

An astonishing fair

Saturday morning in Melbourne where the skies are blue, the sun is shining can only inspire every coffee and breakfast lover to roll out of bed earlier and embrace this delightful day.

With the early morning rays over head and the peaceful back streets of Fitzroy brought me to Industry Beans. I have been following them for the past few weeks on social media and every day with out fail I envy anyone who was dining and enjoying there when I wasn't. Glutenous food porn photos only edged me more and more to be a fellow patron and discover the inspirational flavours along with a silky cup of joe.

An Industry Charcuterie was a luscious serve of delicate meats with Jamon Serrano (Spanish cured ham) and Duck bacon served with Manchegro cheese croquette, Pedro Ximenez soaked prunes, tea marbled egg with a salt cured yolk and a celeriac remoulade.

What a sensational starter for grazing the morning away in the sunshine. Rich but delicate flavours of the Duck bacon blends so well with the prunes that have soaked in Pedro Ximenez which is a Spanish grape variety often used in dessert sherry. The rich molasses flavours bring the added sweetness into the combination and adds depth as a whole when enjoying it with any part of the Charcuterie plate.

The tea marbled egg with its translucent salt cured yolk is delicate but adds a separate level of flavour. With it's almost spread like ability of the creamy salted yolk it adds into the meat flavours and cuts through the sweetness of the soaked prunes. A soft balance of the Spanish Manchegro cheese made from Sheep's
milk is soft on the palate but is creamy and delicate surrounded by a golden coating.

What I loved most about this is although the colossal amounts of rich flavours surround this platter there is a fresh element, and this even shows on the side dishes. On the Charcuterie platter we had a creamy soft Celeriac remoulade which did not remove the flavours we were meant to be experiencing, it just added or blended perfectly with the combinations.

Ordering a side of black pudding in most places is just that, but here at Industry Beans they hav
e thought about is more and served it with flavours of beetroot, fresh fennel and warm roasted apple. It's here where I get excited when menu planning has gone to the next stage of really thinking about the additional flavours, that make each element a perfect combination and you aren't wondering to yourself whether it really should be there on the plate or not.

On the sweeter side of our morning with the Almond crusted French toast. Thick soft golden pieces of French toasted bedded on velvety coffee custard, baked apples and served with the combination of lemon and rhubarb curd and coffee caviar.

The tartness of the lemon and rhubarb cuts into the creamy coffee custard that is so smooth and luscious and with the baked apple quarters it gels pleasantly together. It's not long before the plate is devoured and you are left licking the plate. The coffee caviar are fresh bursts of coffee so you don't loose that flavour with having such tartness from the curds.

Coffee here is an array of varieties to awaken any palate, and go for a cold drip selection to enhance your brew knowledge and toning.

The casual atmosphere and laid back feel, goes hand in hand with the smiling team, who with out you knowing has taken your order and delivered with out feeling as though there is a wait. Meals hitting the table promptly and gracefully with out a doubt is what you are hoping for and here it delivers.

Industry Beans are delivering you a fun beginning to your day with an inspirational menu, that will make you return and purchase some fresh beans to take on your way home. The dishes are eye catching and the menu reads enticingly making you bound out of bed to get down there before the morning rush hour.

Industry Beans
Crn Fitzroy and Rose Street
9417 1034

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