Sunday, 23 November 2014

We celebrate to eat

It's funny how we think that the only places to eat are in local cafes or restaurants and how dependant we come to relying on apps to find the great eateries.

Well I am here to say that at Melbourne Zoo they have outstanding food facilities that you are missing out on. 

Compass Group located at Melbourne and Werribee Zoo are delivering some magnificent catering.

Recently I was honoured to attend an event where to start we were presented with flavoursome canapes of:

- Smoked fish croquettes with yuzu mayo & furikake sprinkle
- Delicate Beet tarts with creamy goat curd and cumquat marmalade
- Wagyu bresaola with horseradish creme fraiche, red sorrel nestled on a potato gaufrette
- Eggplant and pecorino fritters with minted yoghurt

Add these with a glass of champagne in the warm summer breeze, and lions roaring in the background and you have a sensational concoction to celebrate

Mains alternate but of course I got my hands into try the dish beside me, when no one was looking (you learn to be sneaky when you need to steal someone else's meal to ensure you don't miss out).

- Medium rare porterhouse slithers adjoined with a magnificent and bursting with flavour mini beef and leek pot pie served with heirloom carrots and dressed leaves.
- Roasted half chicken with black barley pilav, shaved baby zucchini, dill and preserved lemon with whipped pine nuts

Mains delivered a juicy and scrumptious affair. 

The porterhouse and pot pie were rich in flavour and delivered such tenderness, whilst the chicken held a slight char flavour to the skin but was light and fresh accompanied with the whipped pine nuts. 

Is it bad that I wanted to eat more or at least lick my plate clean?

An astnishing event can never be finished until dessert has been served and devoured.

Caramel Parfait wiht clear apply jelly, salted almond praline and compressed apple salad.

This dish is one to write home about, that's for sure.Sweet creamy caramel parfait matched with the freshness of the apple wasn't just a sweet sensation; it cleansed the palate and made for a happy ending.

Executive chef Dianne Kerry and her outstanding brigade delivered a magnificent affair
that added to a perfect night.

The service of the team was friendly and attentive throughout, with smiled captured from the team making it an enjoyable evening beginning to end.

To join amongst friends in celebration and to have outstanding food service added to your night and truly made it for an evening to remember.

It's a place where you can not compare to any other night, to say you had a function at the zoo will create envy amongst others wishing they were in your shoes to experience the time you enjoyed.

Compass Group
Melbourne Zoo
1 Elliott Ave

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