Thursday, 14 May 2015

Heighten the Senses

Isn't is amazing how our 5 senses are continuously working every minute of every day. I think they work harder than ourselves at work to be honest.

Everyone eats with their eyes, when it's fancy on a plate there is no doubt your mind will tell you its going to be delicious.

When you hear the surrounding people talk about their meal, your mind will believe them.

Smells and aromas that carry though out the restaurant activates the taste buds making you get anxious about where your dish is and changes you to all of a sudden be starving.

I recently went in and stopped at North Melbourne's new addition to the cafe scene "Mork Chocolate". A cafe dedicated to our grand chocolate lovers.

This quaint modern establishment is a place where you can catch up with a friend for an hour over petite cakes and of course chocolate beverages galore. Choose anything from a unique chocolate soda to the usual hot chocolate.

Start your dining experience with coco infused water to cleanse the palate and to get you ready to enjoy the rich chocolate goodness.

I had to go for something different that you wouldn't find in any other chocolate cafe and that was the Chocolate Soda. This lightly sparkling mineral water was infused with a bitter chocolate and a side of in house syrup to heighten the sweetness at your leisure. Unusual to say the least however interesting all the same and it works.

At first I was unsure whether I was meant to expect something like a spider after seeing the fizz the chocolate created when added to the soda, but it was far from that.

You can not compare it to anything from your childhood memories of chocolate and sodas. The flavours are rich and genuinely intense, but pleasantly enjoyable.

A lovely little brûlée tart was the perfect match as suggested by the team. creamy custard centre under a golden brûlée top and shortbread biscuit base.

The other unusual chocolate drink that caught my eye was the smoked chocolate. Smoke caught under the glass and chocolate served on the side was a magical experience. As the glass is turned the smoke awakened your senses but caught enough that when chocolate is added the fusion begins. Add a little salt to the glass and the experience has begun.

You can never say no to the accompaniment of a toasted marshmallow either. It makes you feel like you should be back on your school camps. Smoke of a camp fire and toasting your marshmallows while sitting on the logs. It's a perfect memory to be placed with this drink.

Although the menu is not extensive than a usual cafe, it is not needed. It is an indulgent place where you can not go to the extreme to  have everything on the menu, although you may think you should.

I did 2 chocolate drinks and both were as rich as each other, you can't really go for a third unless you are an extensive chocoholic and are crazy.

The best thing about this is that you would return. I'm already scheduled to go again to take my sister and she is a Chocoholic, so I will be interested to see how she goes.

I think I will be going for the Layered chocolate of chilled dark topped with warm custard or perhaps the A chocolate bar of hot chocolate with hazelnut and caramel. Who knows?

The team are great and can help you with the right selection and matching cake to go with what you choose. So don't be afraid to ask questions. You have to get the pairing right, it will make your experience even more exciting.

Mork Chocolate
150 Errol Street
North Melbourne
9328 1386

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