Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Mighty Desire

With a big appetite for food but wanting to get away from the usual breakfast flavours I stumbled by Mighty Boy Eatery and am glad that it happened.

This small eatery decked with cement polished floors, simplistic white brick walls and wooden seating, made for a calm feel. Not being over crowded in design work made for an open and relaxed environment to diners.

An all-Asian inspired menu speaks unique to the palate when going for breakfast. Different from the surrounding competition of Fitzroy, leaves it to be one of a kind.

It’s difficult to decide as it is far from what I am used to and for a person who hasn’t been to anywhere in Asia leaves me nervous to choose. But hey, it’s all about the adventure right?

With a menu that says “Our Favourite” next to a dish made for ease of mind. Coconut Soup with roasted banana, peanuts and black sesame seeds was a delightful sweet dish. Warm coconut milk exposing slight roast banana essence as it lay at the base of your bowl. On a rainy winter day this was nothing better to experience.

Now I have to say, I was by myself when I had the Coconut soup and was so excited about it, I had to return with Paul so I could try more things. That’s got to say something right!

On my return visit it was just as amazing as the first. Paul even showed excitement to the choices.

The choice to have the Soul egg and the Potato hash was on the cards.

Soul Eggs, delicately cooked with brioche soldiers, smoked salmon and a citrus ricotta with Thai basil leaves was a delicate and rich breakfast. With touches of chilli it made for a great well balanced breakfast, but nothing to intense.

The Cheesy Potato hash served with chilli, poached egg and spring onion too was delicious. Crispy thin potato hash added a complex texture and caught the flavours of the chilli heat. We added a side of spiced sausage, which was bold in flavour and added depth to the dish.

Now I am normally one to laugh at those who eat out and just order the toast with condiments. Because seriously… why wouldn’t you try something outside the square?

But here I will commend you in trying the Kaya toast. A sweet egg custard topped brioche slices lightly toasted, sprinkled with coconut. On the side lightly poached eggs and soy sauce.
Confused as to how to eat it, on it’s own with no egg or soy the brioche is overloaded in sweetness making it similar to the custard buns and can make it difficult to get through. To cut through the sweet flavours spread some egg and pour some soy over the top and you have just created this sweet salty combination that brings your tastebuds alive.

It was a pleasure to experience and on both visits left with a very happy stomach and excited tastebuds. It's always nice to get out and try something new, and heres a place to do it.

Mighty Boy Eatery
61 Gertrude Street

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