Thursday, 3 December 2015

BBQ pulled pork tostaditas

This recipe was with the assistance of Murray Valley's new addition to the family. BBQ pulled pork, a delicious pre marinated pulled pork mix to make your evenings more convenient and be able to put up dinner in under 20 minutes.

Murray Valley BBQ pulled pork
12- 18 Tostaditas
Fresh kale
Red Cabbage
Spring Onion
Green Chilli
Lime juice
Acovado dressing
Tabasco sauce (for an extra kick)


In a pan, slowly heat up the pulled pork

Thinly cut the kale into thin strips and great your cabbage and carrot and place into a salad bowl

Chop your spring onions (set 1/2 aside) and chilli into small pieces as well as the pear, cutting it into small match stick sizes.

Combine to your cabbage mix.

Dress your salad mix with lime juice and avocado dressing (available in most supermarkets).

In a small fry pan, fry up the remaining spring onion until slightly crisp and charred. Set aside.

On a board, lay out your tostaditas and place small mounds of salad mix. 

Take the pulled pork off the heat and top your toastaditas.

Finish with your crisp spring onions and serve.

For additional heat serve with tabasco sauce.

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