Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Super Delicious

Theres never a moment where I don't get excited about going out and finding delicious food combinations where it explodes nothing but flavours and textures. Where chefs have thought about the dish and how they can take it to the next level.

Being a home cook, I sometimes wish I had the resources to do what they do, to make my casseroles blow my husbands mind and have people lining up for hours to enjoy my cooking....wait take that back, please don't line up at my door to taste my food. You get the idea though.

An evening out at Supernormal was a perfect evening of cocktails and food delights. Staff where on point with service, friendly and efficient and fast. A sometime rarity, when you are in a busy restaurant the upping the ante doesn't always show.

Food at Supernormal is inspiring, and showcase some amazing produce with sublime flavour combinations. Nothing with so much power that it hides the main component of the dish. Everything is with restraint and respect.

Tuna with smoked tomato, pickles and a spring onion oil danced calmly as you enjoyed each mouthful. Tender raw tuna with crisp herbs for texture had slowly soaked up the oil and smoked tomato leaving a light and delicate combination of flavours. A perfect way to start the evening with a cocktail.

For something a little more intense, the smoked beef with mustard leaf and clam mayonnaise was beautiful. This creamy but yet delicate dish was a pleasure to eat and worked well after the tuna. The elements worked gracefully together and if able plate licking worthy.

Prawn and chicken dumplings in a chilli oil were a blessing of enjoyment. You can never say no to perfect dumplings like these. I have to say, dumplings in chilli oil are one of my favorites and these little bite sized flavour bombs did not disappoint.

The one thing that you have to taste and is worth going the full serve is the Duck Bao. A twice cooked duck leg or half, served with a sticky plum sauce that you pull apart and nestle it within cloud like bao's. The skin.... oh the skin is so delectable you wish you had a bucket of it.

Desserts were delivering a sweet sweet finish with a peanut butter parfait, with a thick salted caramel sauce and the softest chocolate that melts so smoothly as you glutonise over each mouthful. Such heaven of desserts, but rich all the same - so be careful or share.

The other the sour cream cake, with a black sesame ice cream , strawberries and yuzo sauce. Wow what a finish. This cake is easy to eat and not too sweet. A waiters choice and a good one at that too. Highly recommended.

It truly was a pleasure to eat here and surly would again. Cocktails and great food, always a fantastic combination with a friend, partner or group.

180 Flinders Lane
9650 8688

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