Monday, 22 August 2016

A Spoonful of Sugar

As a child I would always imagine a world of puffy white marshmallow clouds that I could bounce off and be showered with candy, drink from chocolate rivers and slide down rainbows made out of sour fruit straps.

This has never come true to no surprise however today I came pretty close to this dream.

Sugar Buns Cafe is pushing the limits to the craze of the Mega Shakes, so much so that you are almost terrified to touch it.

A wide selection of choices from the Strawberry shortcake to something that is called Candy Land. As much as Candy Land would have been the closest image to my dream, I saw it go out to another table and I was to scared to take on the challenge.... Chicken!

The Strawberry shortcake was a calm strawberry milkshake finished off with a solid mound of strawberry ice cream and then covered with strawberry tarts, white chocolate tim tams, musk sticks, wafers, strawberry coulis covered sponge cake, fresh strawberries and Persian fairy floss.

Don't worry my next dentist appointment is at tooth hurty tomorrow........

A Malteser Mega shake was also an addition to the table with a very lovely and subtle Vanilla Malted milk with a chocolate rimmed glass packed with chocolate ice cream and finished with an array of maltesers, tim tams, wafers, chocolate sponge coated with chocolate sauce, malt crumb and Persian fairy floss.

It was a pleasant change from gorging oneself in chocolate, and not too sweet as the vanilla malt calms it all down.

For those who shudder to these extravagant Mega Shakes knowing it would be too much, too sweet and there would be no way to finish, it's ok. There are tiny sizes available so you can experience the same as everyone else but in moderation.

The Salted caramel was so cute as it came to the table. Salted pretzels, Jersey caramels, Persian fairy floss and the good old lollygoble bliss bombs over take the tiny jar of caramel milkshake.

A meal within itself and a perfect size for kids and those who don't want to fill up and have a meal.

Lunch was a tasty experience and if we didn't all go so crazy on the giant sized shakes we would have tried more. But this just means we will have to go back.

The Smashed Avo Rosti was a delight. Crisp golden compressed rosti sat atop of crimson beetroot humus, and then coated with smashed avocado, oozing poached eggs and a side of raw veg and goats cheese.

Fresh vibrant and a stunning picturesque dish that wows the crowds as it bypasses your table.

On weekends lines are out the door and at 11:30 during a weekday this cafe is strong in trade and turning over tables quickly.

It's clearly a place to stop in and catch a glimps or spoil oneself in a shake and a bite to eat.

Sugar Buns Cafe Bakery
Shop 1A, 55 Hallam Rd
Hampton Park
8658 3414

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