Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Tropical Treat

When you think of Fruit Punch your mind takes you away to the tropics and being showered in mangoes, watermelons and sweet fruit goodness, an array of bright colours and of course white sand beaches.

Here at Punchbowl Canteen they certainly deliver in the vibrant tropical colours in a more than uplifting way. Clean white walls with its quirky pastel fruity colours splashed around this spacious dining hall.

The menu is tasty and enticing with a great assortment of flavour combinations in not only meals but in beverages as well.

The Sunday Peaches Smoothie made with a coconut milk and yoghurt base was mixed with sweet Peaches, mango nectar and banana. A definite rev up for the morning, and also very pleasant to enjoy in the coming hot summer days.

Not one to be on the healthy side of the wall and would still like to enjoy something on the milky side other than coffee, then head for the milkshakes. Flavours such as Strawberry cheesecake, Banana Cream pie and Gingerbread are sure to entice you.

Back when I was young my grandparents used to surprise my sister and I with what they called a wigwam for a gooses bridle. This always has resulted in being given a gingerbread man. So from a very young age I have always been an advocate for gingerbread. 

Sweet gingernut biscuits overloaded the top of the spiced thick shake. It was as though you had a large serving of milk and cookies. Dunking those biscuits into the drink made for a rather enjoyable tasty beverage.

The meals were delicious and full of flavour. Dishes such as Pork Belly with cauliflower and miso puree and apple remulade or even just pumkin donuts with cinnamon sugar, whipped yoghurt and freeze dried mandarin screams enjoyment.

The Korean Fried Chicken Burger was full of bold spicy flavours that coated the lightly battered chicken making it for a finger licking, kick in the face burger.

This saucy coasted chicken is well balanced with the kim chi slaw and the soft seeded bun, which made for delectable eating.

In 1738, the invention of the Scotch egg was created in London. Traditionally a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat crumbed and then fried or baked.

It has become an icon of England where by other countries have grasped its recipe and as we would, change and develop it to make it more modern but still yet delicious.

Here at Punchbowl they deliver on the Scotch egg recipe by creating a Fish cake scotch egg, served on radish, pear, chard and beetroot salad and finished with a curry mayo.

This inspiring dish was purely delightful. Its soft boiled egg nestled in the fish cake glistened with is soft yolk. It was like sunshine on a plate.
A luscious spread of curry mayo under the fresh salad balanced off the golden crisp coating of the fish cake.

I would have ordered two servings with no question and it is truly a dish I would return to again. I can not explain in words on how delicious this was. It was actually what made me visit here when I was reading the menu, and trust me when I say I was not let down.

Dining at Punchbowl Canteen was great. The team was vibrant which matched it's decor and the food tasty and delicious.

Busy during the week over the lunch period being located in the industrial section of Port Melbourne, and would only expect it to continue to be busy during breakfast on the weekends. Don't let this steer you away from a visit though, there is plenty of seats available inside and out.

Punchbowl Canteen
1 Fennell St
Port Melbourne
8534 9957

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