Friday, 21 October 2011

The Ultimate Design

Birthday come only but once a year for each and every one of us. This year is my Pop's 80th Birthday a great milestone in life of which needs a grand celebration.

Together with my Sister who celebrates the same day for her Birthday this year is going to be a triumphant day of feasting and candle blowing.

I have been asked to make the Birthday cake, of which is a huge honour in my book as most of the time I get asked to just arrange a cake from my work as they are just so devine and decadent. It never seems to amaze me how my cakes from work seem to brighten up anyones day with it's outstanding design and amazing taste. 'Laurent' surely know how to bring that smile to your face.

But I have taken onboard the making of not one but 2 cakes for the festivities. Being that it will be bought out towards the end of the day, I know this will be one of the last things people will take with them and remember. To design a cake that brings the same pleasure to people just like my work does is uncomparable. I am not skilled like my work nor do I have the tools, but I have chosen to face it head on and develop a cake that will still please the crowed and most importantly the Birthday Boy and Girl.

I have just spent a day out at cake suppliers such as Cake Deco in Melbourne and it has given me a taste of what I could do along with shopping online as Cakes around Town, an amazing site for any home cook who enjoys making and decorating anything from cakes to cookies.

The funny thing is that everything I saw was more for a female design cake so at least I know that my sisters cake is ready to go, and fingers crossed I can pull it off from what I can see in my head to the actual cake. But my Pop's cake is much harder to get all the items I envisioned, but finally have found what I am looking for and am now just waiting for my parcel to arrive so I can get started.

Nervous to be asked to do this, it is my chance to test my skills and see what I can do from my self teaching. With any luck it works out to be a success rather than a failure. I can only but hope!

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