Saturday, 12 November 2011

To give pleasure onto others

My Grandfathers Birthday Cake
I have always found that I can make anyone happy by cooking something for someone. To watch them receive what you have created and smile with utmost pleasure that they can indulge themselves whether they were hungry or not. The joy it brings me it peace, happiness and sometimes acceptance.

The saying goes 'to get to a mans heart is through his stomach'. Although this is correct at times it sure doesn't differ to a women, just dip what ever it may be in chocolate and you have yourself a winner.

The pleasure of food is the sensation of well-being that derives from the fulfillment of a natural instinct of each of us. Two essential elements are involved in this pleasure is the emotional and psychological tension created by the initial desire and the subsequent marriage of that inner need. 

Recently I have enjoyed baking my Grandfathers 80th Birthday cake and my Sisters 31st Birthday cake. Although it started off to be a task I though I would never complete and question whether it would have been better just to have arranged a cake from my work. But I stuck to my guns and put my head down in to the late hours of the night and early hours of the following morning.
Chocolate brownie cake with strawberry, white choc truffle
The accomplishment was all that I was after, to prove to myself that although an amature I could achieve something so grand of catering for a Birthday cake to serve 50 people at a Birthday Party and to have what in fact caused your mouth to salivate just by looking at it.
My Grandfather said 'Emma, you are more than welcome to make the cake, if you think you can make something better than your work.' Well that being said, there was no way I could achieve anything close to what Laurent Bakery produces, but I was determined to show I can still make a damn good cake, and that I did.

I figured that I would create a Chocolate brownie cake with a strawberry and white chocolate truffle filling, would be a crowd pleaser, something so decadent would bring a smile to anyones face and be a fantastic way to finish off the celebrations.  

Kylie's Birthday Cake
As Kylie celebrates her Birthday on the same day there was no way she was going to get through the day without having her own cake o cut. So thinking about her love for High Tea's I put together a Pretty in Pink, Butter sponge with a baileys ripple filling. Although maybe not as extravagant to my Grandfathers it was so dainty and perfect for her, and enjoyed with a glass of champagne later that night whilst watching Sunday nights 'Junior Master Chef', as there was no room in anyones stomaches after eating a 3 course luncheon and 2 serves of cake.

Julia Child one said "Noncooks think it's silly to invest two hours' work in two minutes' enjoyment; but if cooking is evanescent, so is the ballet."

Giving pleasure to others is something I enjoy doing and if I can do it through cooking, then so be it. So friends and family out there, be ready to smile, I'll be bringing you much more your way.

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