Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More than the standard Chinese

Sun Wah Restaurant is located in a strange place, easily missed by traffic passing by on Beach rd Mordialoc. Often stopping at the Round about on the corner I have looked out the window and thought, I wonder what that restaurant is like.

Prawn stuffed duck w/ mandarin sauce
The exterior is plain and simple with it's neon signs just like a lot of Chinese restaurants, and it does not venture to far away from the standard design on the interior. But it is still well presented and the service is welcoming, which makes it a beginning of a pleasurable evening.

It's extensive menu exceeds your expectations both far and beyond to the usual which is always exciting. Starting with Ginger pear scollops on crispy pork belly and served with golden pearl sago and chilli jam is something well away from the usual dumplings and spring rolls, but don't be disheartened they have plenty of dumplings and spring rolls too. Being adventurous we also dive into the entree platter of the chefs selection containing dumplings, spring rolls, dim sum and salt and pepper squid. All served with an accompaniment of sauces. A great way to start the evening.

Main course is just as hard to choose from, but a perfect choice of Duck stuffed with prawn served with a mandarin jus and Sun Wah's special combinations in a birds nest went down just as good as the entrees. 

Sun Wah's Combination
The duck was pleasant, combining something similar to the prawn toast and placing it on top of the duck was unusual, but the flavours were well balanced and the sauce accompanied it well, still sweet like a sweet and sour but milder.

The combination was over loaded and looked fantastic and fresh. Nestled in it's birds nest it was great to see the prawns and assortment of meats and a good quantity of vegies. With this dish you don't feel stooped with the price you pay.

Of course lashing out dessert was always going to be a clear factor although feeling utterly full, you can't say no and when your enjoying yourselves so much in a restaurant, you may as well enjoy it more with dessert.

A banana fritter on order and an indulgence plate of decadent cakes and ice cream was something that caught our eye too. This dessert platter contained a milk chocolate pudding sided with a tonka bean sticky date cake (Sticky date pudding) all served with a Belgium chocolate ice cream with violet crumble. A decadent explosion and would be best to share this dish if you have enjoyed a feast like ours.

Ginger pear seared scollops
Through out the evening from arriving at 6pm till the time we left close to 10pm, the staff were attentive and friendly. We didn't feel pushed to leave even though they were busy for a Saturday evening, which made our night even more enjoyable. Outstandingly this has got to be one of the best night's I've had in a while and couldn't believe how long we had dinned for until we left. Considering I was wanting an early night because I had to work early the following morning, it was surprising how fast the time flew when you were enjoying great food and receiving fantastic service.

It's worth the venture out to Mordialoc, although it is in it's strange location, it's a place that it worth the extra effort to go too.

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