Saturday, 5 May 2012

Not for Vegetarians

There is nothing more hearty than to enjoy some good steak or perhaps a burger on a miserable cold and wintry night, some good comfort food makes the bad weather seem so distant. With friends in tow we set off to find somewhere that can help us with the much needed cuisine.

Big Boy BBQ seemed to be a place where all our thoughts and dreams could come true, with anything from a burger (sandwich) to meat platters, it is a great fixture to accommodate the smallest to the largest appetite.

No reservations for tables under 6 it was a risk for the 3 of us, but we were more than happy to wait as we inhaled the smell of grilling meat smothered in spices, and watched the team produce platters of endless meat. The line to order was out the door, so it's clear signs it must be pretty good. A 20 minute wait for a table when arriving just before 7 isn't too bad as there is limited seating with approx 3-4 booths some bar seating and a larger table to accommodate groups more than 6. There is an upstairs area but I am unsure if this too is restaurant seating for bigger nights or perhaps for functions, but this area was closed when we were dining.

As we sat down and began reading the mouth watering menu, the question was raised whether someone had just finished watching "Man V's Food" as it menu shouted traditional American all time BBQ with it's Rubbed pork ribs to its Pulled pork and Beef Brisket sandwiches. Not that any of us could complain, we had been looking for a place like this for a long time that could actually deliver the authentic American BBQ.

Feeding 2 boys with mighty appetites and myself who also loves her food, it was guaranteed that we could have chosen tastes of everything and gone crazy but we held back......or did we????

The boys went for the Wings 'N' Ribs meat platter with a serve of regular wings and a 1/2 rack of ribs with an accompaniment of 2 sides of their choice (chips, onion stings, beef chili, coleslaw, potato salad or pickles).

Me well the decision was too hard, confusion set in and my world collided just like a kid in a milk bar trying to decide what their $1.00 could buy them from the lolly selection or trying to choose and ice- cream. Having to almost toss a coin to make my decision I was still uhming and ahhring, what happens if that one is better than the one I choose? Process of eliminations I worked out a strategy where I could get the best of both worlds. Why not combine the two? So I chose to start with the Carolina Sandwich where I enjoyed pulled pork with coleslaw and BBQ sauce and combined in with it some beetroot and pickles.

Moments later out comes the boys massive platters with buckets for bones, all we needed was a bib and the boys were set to get down and dirty, alas no bib provided but that never stops anyone when the smell is so mouth watering. A tower for a sandwich that couldn't fit in my mouth overflowing with pork and dripping in sauces I couldn't wait to get in and devour it.

Although the Carolina sandwich has a chili beside it on the menu of course we would presume it had heat to it. My first initial bit I felt no kick and with deflation's setting in it was soon to be destroyed. It's not in the bite where that spice hits you, without you knowing chili sweats begin and then your mouth booms with spices galore. It's the coleslaw that hides it's initial burst of flavour and leaves you with the ultimate surprise at the end. It allows you to enjoy every mouthful without having to reach for a dyeing need of a drink, which is always a positive.

The meat platters were said to be full of tender, fall of the bone ribs and giant wings which was even better. Smothered in it's Kansas rub of glaze for the chili wimps the flavours were intense and soaked into the meats giving it a vibrant flavour. It was pleasing to see that they served proper ribs full of meat rather than the stingy meatless ribs you get most of the time.

Almost bursting at the sides we sink back into the comfy booth seating contemplating a slice of peanut butter cream pie...... well we only live once don't we! Overloaded with peanut butter goodness (yes my thighs felt every mouthful) with a layer of chocolate ganache and chocolate tart shell it was almost eating a large Reese peanut buttercup. Wishing for a big glass of milk to accompany it, it was definitely and American delight to finish your American BBQ feast.

If you are out for an adventure of good BBQ meat or if your not able to fly to America any time soon, then travel to South Caulfield and feast away. It's a meaty delight that shouldn't be refused.

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