Friday, 8 June 2012

A little bit Cooky

Take a moment and picture a small room painted in bold pastel colours like a rainbow, with an octopus a fish and you surrounded by single vased flowers even brighter than the walls. Have you got that image? Well I experienced this in reality and it's what to expect when you enter Heavenly Delish.

This Japanese creperie is decked out with things your mind would not think of putting together, things that will blow your mind and things that you have never heard of and just want to try.

First to begin you need to decide sweet or savoury. If you just thought savoury well you enter onto the path of perhaps a Hot Dog crepe -frankfurters with Jap tako sauce, mayo, tomato, cucumber and lettuce or maybe you like to play it safe and have the same type of crepe but without the hot dog you choose from chicken, tuna or cheesy omelette & ham (all priced at $6.80)

Do you feel like going a little bit stranger? Well how about you try an Original Jumbo Takoyaki, Japanese savoury pancake balls filled with your decision of octopus, bacon & cheese, prawn or hot dog.  Each serve accompanied with a free condiment of bonito, bacon bits, dried seaweed or shallots, but feel free to add more onto your creation (The most you pay is $8.80 plus your extras).

But we don't stop here ladies and gentlemen in the savoury selection, why not adventure into the Deluxe Takoyaki and we hit flavours inspired by countries. You can go extreme with A Japanese hot curry Takoyaki, A Taiwan floss chicken Takoyaki or how about a USA Sour cream and Bacon Takoyaki? There are 5 styles to choose from (max price $10.20 plus extras).

Now what was my choice you may ponder, and I answer with none as yet as I dived into the world of sweet. My ultimate weakness as we should all know by now. So where can I start you, the selections are almost endless.

Lets begin at the dessert crepes, you can either choose from a selection of delights or create your own. I wanted to experience their creations and went for the Exotic green tea - a combination of adzuki (red bean), premium green tea ice cream and vanilla custard all finished off like all their crepes with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a wafer stick. These crepes are not served on a plate for you but in a cone. Unusual but exciting. Slightly difficult to eat as the crepe explodes with it's fillings which are top to bottom. The thing is with these crepes you have to get down and dirty, indulge and devour.

The crepes are light and the flavour combination true to Japanese flavours but the  green tea is very strong and if you are a green tea lover this one is for you. If your not then whisk yourselves to the other 8 choices they give you such as Heaven by chocolate - dark & white chocolate bits, with a Hershey's chocolate sauce, vanilla custard and of course chocolate ice cream. Or maybe the Bananatella is for you - the great combination of banana, nutella and vanilla custard (max charge is $7.30 plus extras). The only real issue I had was the whipped cream, I'm a little fussy with cream as fresh is always best. If you are believer of the same thing you may wish to ask for no cream. Although sweet, it's more of a fake whipped cream texture and flavour and was a little let down on the crepe, but everything else was great.

If you want to design your own, the choices are almost endless. Choose your ice cream flavour from classic vanilla or chocolate to the premium selection of coconut, taro, mango and more. Then choose your toppings that are displayed for you or on there menu (a page full of selection, a total of 36 choices). You can choose from anything from popping candy, raspberry jam, butter balls, little boys (biscuit sticks with a chocolate tip) or a coconut and egg jam. Add as many or as little as you like, it's your creation. If you want it finished off like their creations with the whipped cream and wafer you can at $3.50 extra.

With your mouths all watering away, don't go just yet as there are waffles too. Not just your ordinary waffles, waffles in the shape of a fish, it's way cooler than your standard waffles. Filled with my choice of dark chocolate and banana but are available in many other tasty combinations. They are cooked to crisp golden brown and filled top to tail and fin to fin with gooey melted chocolate that ooze out when you bite through the light buttery shell. It's how waffles should be and even more fun when they are in a shape of a fish (max charge $3.90 each plus extras).

It's an enjoyable quick stop for a snack, not a place where you could spend a full dining time (2hrs) in due to the size, but with it's bright coloured environment it's a great place for a catch up with a friend when neither of you are in the mood for coffee, but want something sweat and also a great adventure for your kids.

Heavenly Delish - Japanese Snacks & Creperie
Shop 6, Don Arcade
672 Glenferrie rd
Hawthorn, VIC
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