Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pom Rak coon nan lowel (I Love you long time)

If you may recall my adventures in my last post showing up to the wrong restaurant. Well I am pleased to say I finely ventured my way for a date night to the right restaurant and was glad I got there.

Nestled on the corner of a small block of local shops this white stone restaurant with it's warm interior is not only reminding you of a little country house, but it is welcoming like one too. Entering the doors we are greeted with open arms and big smiles. Shown to our table, right beside the small fire, the atmosphere is pleasent and design is simple. Nothing over the top, but keeps to it's Thai herratige. I have to say I do love the iron chandelears that highten the class from other Thai restaurants.

To beginin out feast this evening I wanted to compare the Roti and satay against the restaurant from last week, but try some new delicasies that Thai and Rani Have to offer us. On order we start with Prawn rolls, served in a golden crisp pastry these light and succulent marinated King prawns are served with their own sweet and sour sauce of which was honey like and with a hint of sesame were divine. Of course some Roti bread with satay was in the first course, although yummy, I found this Roti bread and satay a lot more oily that the one from the previous week. However this satay was more authentic with slight lumps of peanuts and also a lot thicker. It did pack flavour and was devoured by the both of us rather quickly. The final touch on our first course was to bring in some freshness and decided to try the Nam Zod. A spicy minced pork packed with flavours of finger, roasted peanuts and lemon juice. Similar to a warm salad, this dish blended amazingly together as well as each individual flavour bursting in your mouth.  They also have a beef and a chicken dish similar to the pork but each have there own combinations of flavours, so please yourself here, the Zam zod, Nur Num Tok or Larp Gai you have to try at least one. It was a great refreshing starter.

Now I am not one to go out for soup based dishes in Thai restaurants as I am not much of a fan of the Tom Yum combinations, but I wanted to go for something new so I head towards the claypots. Originally I was ordering the prawn claypot cooked with ginger, onions and bean thread noodles but our waiter suggested for me to try their special of the night, the mixed seafood claypot. Based with the same mixture but served with cellophane noodles, so I figure why not. At least someone suggested it too me and explained it, unlike other restaurants where they expect you to have seen the specials board. So congratulations to her for her service and her ability to up sell.

As it is put down in front of me this soup bubbles away in it's hot claypot, and the aromatic flavours of ginger floats through the air and makes your mouth water. Exploding with seafood and noodles I can not wait to get into it. The seafood has soaked up the ginger flavour as well as the hints of lemongrass, coriander and chilli. Paul steals my mussel and was amazed at the flavour this single mussel holds. I couldn't wipe the smile of my face it was delicious and also if your feeling a little gloomy with a cold and flu this could be your cure.

Paul went for the Musman Curry which you could choose either chicken of beef and is then cooked in coconut milk and a beautiful sweet curry served with potatoes, onions and peanuts. A safe option for those who don't like the heat of curries.  This vibrant dish was filled with juicy succulent chicken which just pulled apart and the sauce was just so smooth and creamy, you drifted away to paradise.

Now the one thing I have not mentioned yet as it was the one thing that made us Fall in Love, and almost made us have affairs was the coconut rice. There is nothing on this earth that could separate either of us from the rice. Now I know people serve coconut rice all the time, but NOT like this. It was so moist and powered with coconut milk, not gluggy nor dry. It was similar to a sticky rice I guess you could say but oh my goodness it was heaven in a bowl. Hints of dried lemon grass also mixed through it truly made the moment of our night, and we are still talking about it. We wanted more and neither of us wanted to share.

Still on the high of coconut, we finished out night with some bananas served in a warm coconut milk finished with sesames. Unusual at first but delicious, the sesames added that texture and flavour and broke up the sweetness of the banana and milk, Paul could only think of it being made into a breakfast smoothy or a pudding, but it was a good authentic finish to our night.

Thai and Rani set with it's all matching ceramic green plates, and it's warmth from it's interior is a good place to stop, or if you don't have time call in for take away. The staff are lovely, welcoming and take interest in serving you which these days has become somewhat rare. A pleasurable evening and huge smiles when leaving, and what's best is that we are still talking about it. As much as I speak about my adventures, it is seldom that we continue telling people about where we've been after a couple of days, but Thai and Rani has entered our hearts and will be I think one of our top 10.

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