Monday, 16 July 2012

My Happiness

It's amazing how subliminal messages can cause you to think and react and make you want something although you don't really need it. Well I walked past a Gelati van and although not subliminal I wanted ice cream, but not just any ice cream..... Davey Mac's ice cream. I found it a perfect match when I entered and Powderfinger's My Happiness was on in the back ground as this truly is My Happiness.

Black rock has always needed an ice creamery as my husband and I have said after living here for 5-6 years and am glad to see that us locals have scored a good one. The Artisan ice creamery makes all delectable flavours on the premises and although it may be a little chilli at the moment you should go down and indulge in these delicious creamy tasteful ice creams.

For summer Davey Mac's is open every day til about 10pm, and winter trading makes them close earlier and closed Mondays, but their is still a every chance for you to get down and to indulge in there delights. You don't have to get a cone or a bowl and eat it their and then, what we love doing is getting the take home packs and indulge on the couch back at home watching a movie especially at the moment. During summer grab a cone and go for a walk on the foreshore, it's perfect.

With about 20 flavours to choose from every day there is sure to be something that interests you. But don't expect it to always be there. With such a high demand in multiple flavours the are not always going to be there and as they make on premises they choose to bring in new exciting flavours to give you something new.

My top three flavours are the Dark Chocolate Sorbet, The Mandarin Sorbet and the Cherry yoghurt. Let's start with the Dark chocolate shall we, one that is very popular since coming out and we always ensure if it's on display that we grab it. Very chocolatey but as it's a sorbet it's not as heavy and you could eat so much of this it's unbelievable. What we love about it is that you can't see it in any other ice cream parlor which makes it so much more exciting. It matches perfectly with either a fruit based or creamy flavour ice cream.

The Mandarin sorbet is just like your eating the actual fruit. So vibrant in colour and intense in flavour it's truly a summers treat. It's just like your having a frosty fruit as it's just so refreshing. In actual fact all their fruit based sorbets are just like this, passionfruit, mango even the banana. The flavours are powerful you would never think you were having an ice cream.

Now the Cherry Yoghurt is separate to the ice cream or sorbet, it's sour cherry and vanilla creamy yoghurt is amazing. Perfect to go with a fruit pudding or on top of some fresh berries or even a chocolate tart perhaps. It's smooth creamy and not to rich or heavy. Not like your old school frozen yoghurts it's a lot softer and easier to consume.

Each time we visit there is always something new to try such as there malt flavour which is out at the moment, mix it with some chocolate and you've got yourself a choc malt milkshake almost. If you aren't a fan of that dark black licorice ice cream you get in other ice creameries then I suggest you try it here, it's unbelievable and the best I've ever had. Not so intense in aniseed flavouring, it's natural in colour not black and just has hints of licorice pieces. Coconut has actual coconut through it too. Going here makes it almost feel like it's Willy Wonka but in ice cream "raspberries taste like raspberries and the snozeberries taste like snozeberries".

You get the exact natural flavours that you expect to get when eating ice cream and isn't filled with fake colourings so it's good for the kids too. So glad it's located only a few blocks away cause in summer time those late walks are going to be rewarding with an ice cream in hand.

Davey Mac's
602 Balcombe rd,
Black Rock, VIC
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