Sunday, 15 July 2012

Don't forget to be AWESOME

A quaint little place nestles in between Cheltenham and Beaumaris, and only true locals know where I'm talking about, but it is time to put the word out their to everyone. The Parlor Milk bar and Kitchen is a gem  hidden beside the local golf course and schools, a little up from a strip of local shops and has provides the best of the best coffee, service and food.

I've been going here for a short while now, after I noticed it on a bus trip to Southland shopping centre and I'm glad I found it. It's clean cheque and country style interior with rich wooden tables, large industrial down lights (that were here before they become the in thing on the Block), fire place and gifts displays around the cafe makes it for humble dining.

The staff are always friendly, not once have we experienced bad service from this team. It's so relaxing to see a team working together, having fun and enjoying what they do. Each of them are happy to talk to the customers and serve and then behind the scenes they are still smiling working and enjoying their general chit chat. It's surprising as a customer how you feel when someone brings negative energy back with them, you may not notice it effecting your overall dining experience but it does. And sitting here watching the staff just makes me smile and enjoy the surroundings even more.

So a nice sunny winters Sunday morning calls for a cooked breakfast, although late as a long sleep in was required we headed down crossing our fingers that a table would be free, but also prepared and rugged up to brace the cold winds outside if needed, but we were lucky on this instance to get a table inside. If you are planning to go especially for a Sunday you can book, and I advise it especially if your travelling.

Settling down and coffee on the way..... I need my coffee....we begin planning our morning breakfast. The tunes of Michael Jackson in the background hypes me up and I sing along with the music while I read their menu, it also makes me want to listen to it all day long, in fact I'm listening to him right now as I'm typing (did you guess I'm a Michael Jackson fan?).

The breakfasts are always amazing and have their own modern spin on the usual standard cafe breakfasts which is what makes it so great. Eggs Benedict stands itself usually with poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise. Sorry No bacon on the Parlor's Benedict, lets gorge oneself and have some pork belly instead. The portion size is nothing over the top so it fills you up but doesn't make you feel like you've gone over the top either. They never fail in poaching eggs, so creamy light and of course a runny egg yolk, and if you're after the perfect poached eggs.....hello this is the place to go! As I've had the Benedict before and Paul enjoyed his taste last time he decided to go for this one today.

Today I went with my breakfast treat of Pancakes. Beautifully fluffy ricotta pancakes topped with a berry compote (winter berries used) with a serving of ice-cream, maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar for good measure. It's OK as I said it was late about 11:30 so it's not so terrible to be having ice cream for breakfast (so I tell myself). They were so delicious I could have gone for another round. I was satisfied and in heaven with this breakfast treat.

If you're after other tasty dishes try the salmon and potato rosti breakfast, so yum and rich, this was the first breakfast we tried and highly recommend it along with the Benedict and pancakes.

Now for you coffee lovers out there, go here for a coffee. They use a fantastic coffee bean with mellow creamy tones and it is so smooth to drink. Luscious flavours and these guys know how to respect there coffee. Not once has there been a bad coffee and if you're on the run you can grab a take away too. $3.30 for reg and $4.50 for large, they are more than reasonable prices for the amazing coffees.

On leaving I am enticed with their cake and lolly display at the counter, with fresh muffins on cooling racks. Perfectly displayed for impulse purchases for those mum's as they head out the door, but my favorite thing it there motivational poster sitting next to the counter's bench. "Don't forget to be AWESOME". What a great thing to read on your way out, and guy's who work at the Parlor........ you are already AWESOME.

The Parlor Milkbar & Kitchen
40 Weatherall rd
Cheltenham, VIC
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