Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Excuse me Waiter..... There is a Hare in my Coffee

I have never done this before in my 30 years, but today I break away from the comfort of others and head out into Melbourne on my own. It may seem unusual that a person like myself has difficulty dining out on her own, I don't even like going to the movies on my own. I like the companionship of friends and loved ones and the ability to engage in conversation about what is and what isn't happening in the world.

So it's a Wednesday chilli 1pm and I am here on my own in Manchester press and all I can say it that I am glad to be here on my own in a way. Down a lane way, you would not believe that you were headed in the right direction, but Melbourne is fond of it's peculiar little ally way delights for us to stumble upon. The line was looking like a bit of a wait, and clearly showing that this could be the place where everything is happening for the city workers on their lunch breaks. Questioning to myself on whether I wait, I sneak my head in the door and bam one single seat just waiting for me. Sorry those in line but I'm jumping cue.

It's a certain full house with all communal tables and bar seating filled with the line outside growing and the staff working at full steam to get through what for them is probably a usual Wednesday. I can only imagine the insaness of a Sunday breakfast ........ Nightmare for anyone who's never worked in a place as busy as this. For me I would look at it as a challenge even with my 15 years behind me. But these guys keep on top of it and know exactly what's going on. Friendly vibrante individuals make such a great team here and they've got it down pack to make this trendy up beat venue work.

I'm on a communal table with mainly the suits of the CBD out for their stock up of espresso and latte's and why wouldn't they be? As much as it is hustling with energy to rejuvenate the individual, the coffee I must say is really good. The beans themselves are very mellow and easy drinking on the palate, the crema is golden and the milk perfectly done to the believe it or not proper temperature. There is no over boiling of the milk and for my latte it was nice to find somewhere that served their lattes exactly how it should be drunk. It was creamy and uplifting, there was automatic decision to order the second. Of course though you wouldn't be without its quirkiness of illustrations as these coffees fly to the tables. Almost to cute to drink it puts a smile on your face and excites you to enjoy the coffee even more.

On the menu it's simplistic and easy to control for such a high demanded venue such as this. Delicious bagels over loaded with fillings were on offer for lunch. I am a fan of bagels and it's not too often to be able to get such a large variety on offer unless of course you were a place like "Glicks" a store dedicated to serving you bagels. My first temptation was their B.L.T with the avocado, I had seen it leave the kitchen pass piled high and the avocado was a gigantic 1/2 ball almost impossible for it to fit in your mouth. But I choose something different, and was hard for me to choose between the Pastrami with the dill cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, roquette and pickle or the Avo combined into a feta, chilli and mint smash witch cherry tomatoes, roquette and pine nuts.

I head for the Avo smash on my choice of a sesame bagel which was lightly toasted. Over smeared with the smash mix it burst with mint and touches of chilli and bursts of salt from the fetta they melded fantasticly together. It was fresh and vibrant and a great choice, and I enjoyed devouring all by myself.

My first experience of taking myself out isn't as bad as my mind had made it to be. I did miss out on talking to people about the exciting new flavours and tastes that I've never come across or even just the general chit chat, but I guess it does allow me to take in everything and notice little things that makes the venue what it is.

I enjoyed looking at the art work and love the robot space man with his dog high up above the registers back wall, the industrial lights that hang low so big that it could be a small incubator for baby chicks and the babushka designed fire extinguishes. I valued the food and especially the coffee along with the great service, always making sure that the single people are looked after just as much as the groups, being called babe was an unusual touch but at the same time worked and was unaffensive.

The only thing is that if you are in a rush and need to go somewhere for an in and out experience here is not the place, as you can probably guess these guys are BUSY, I've heard on weekends you could wait up to 40 minutes for a table, and after a mid week lunch I can see that happening so be paitient. The team is doing all they can and they can't just push people out and ruin there service standard. So get in early or ask for a take away coffee and go for a walk through hardware lane. I can only see Manchester Press continuing to grow with what is the go to place in the CBD.

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane
Melbourne, VIC
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