Sunday, 21 October 2012

$2 can make the difference

Have you ever dined out somewhere or sipped your latte and pondered on your thoughts of those who are hungry, those without homes and how you wish you could do something about it?

Well your opportunity has a reality with StreetSmart being only days away from beginning there $2.00 donation DineSmart appeal.

StreetSmart is an organisation that has been well developed since 2003 by Founder Adam Robinson. Now a national campaign and recognised by the Federal Government to encourage the increasing fight against Homelessness.

Australian Leading Restaurants will take part in this amazing campaign for 6 weeks leading to Christmas, where a simple $2.00 is offered to be added onto your bill and proceeds will go to the charities and agencies with little fund raising but are the critical workforce assisting the homeless.

In previous results this simple campaign has seen vast developments in fund raising with it's first year launch in 2003 raising $16, 574 to last year seeing a a tremendous increase to $335, 160.

Adam Robinson explains that these proceeds will make a huge difference to another's world from bed's having new sheets, more increased regular meals at shelters and for the children, playground equipment at the women's refuge.

This year we see more than 150 restaurants joining this grand appeal with their aim to beat last years record, and with the Governments attempt to half the amount of Homelessness every little bit will help in making this come true.

You may sit there thinking that you will never become homeless, but what happened if it did, what would you do? If funding was not available for Charities or organisations to assist you where would you go? It's a harsh reality that one never wants to face, and I feel for those who face it today.

StreetSmart runs 2 events through the year DineSmart and CafeSmart and both are increasingly getting more and more supporters to give back to their communities and help those in need.

Everyone needs food to survive and this is a fantastic way for others to realise how much the Hospitality Industry are prepared to get on board to ensure everyone is looked after, because We Care! Our endless service to you extends further behind the scenes, with some of us even giving end of day produce to soup kitchens such as left over bread etc.

So it's simple that we ask that you help contribute for the supporting Restaurants to become involved and donate that $2.00 that is floating around the bottom of your bag or weighing your pockets down.

If you would like to venture to a DineSmart Restaurant follow the link ( and make your booking.

If your a restaurant or cafe who wants to become a supported in this grand appeal their is still time (

Surly you can provide this small donation and being a lead into Christmas you can ensure that you are giving someone else a smile.

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