Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Love song's & Dedications

Warm day, summer breezes and hump day can only bring you to ponder how great it would be to be relaxing outside the walls of your office trying to meet your dead lines, assisting customers and everything else that could bring a doom and gloom to your day.

Happily walking out at 4pm and doing the rounds of being a taxi collecting hubby and a friend we cruise to the dynamic and fresh Radio Mexico, located just meters from Ackland street St Kilda.

No reservations taken, so another one to get in early is almost full by 5:30pm and full to the brim in seconds that follow. Radio Mexico screams 'Arriba' with it's bright festive colours, cactus' and unique styling. Service is fast, friendly and efficient feeling welcomed and easy to talk to.

The evening started off with beers in the boy's hands and the ice fresh salt rimmed Margarita. No better way to unwind over a hard days work. A sweet pineapple flavour with sprigs of fresh rosemary was fresh and tasty and was only highlighted even more with the salted rim.

Sitting back with a catch up is great but their was something missing to get our evening started....... what could possibly go hand in hand with our drinks? Nacho's of course. Almost going with the selection from the menu we were drawn to the nights specials which were encased in more spices and succulent flavours. Each nacho chip was crisp and crunchy yet coated in sauce and finished with the glorious guacamole and sour cream. Finger licking good flavours made for a powerful beginning to even more spices that are headed our way.

Soft shell tacos were a treat with each bite. Hand sized soft tortilla shells laid with juicy fresh ingredients to tantalise your taste buds and make them have a fiesta in your mouth. My choice of Prawn coated with chipotle sauce and finished with a fresh slaw. The heat smacks you quiet hard and chilli sweats are instant but amazingly good. Cooling down with a mellow second round of the BBQ Hanger steak topped with cream, lettuce and salsa. Smooth and nourishing, great choice for the kids if your trying to look for the safe option.

You could get carried away just enjoying the soft taco's, cheap and come individually you can order a second round or work your way through the list. It will be more than a main meal if you did, but so worth the adventures. But don't forget the other extraordinary flavours that are hidden in the rest of the menu.

Headed to the succulent Pork Belly with pineapple salsa and served with green rice, was a great dish to share. Golden crisp crackling only started a journey to the mouth watering melt in your mouth pork. The meat fell apart as you glided your knife through and accompanied with a sweet sauce and rice it was truly delicious. And as you can tell, I do like to put 'Pork on my fork' it's my favourite choice.

Enjoying further tastes of some grilled corn on the cob and a bite of Paul's Quesadilla with chorizo, corn and potato was starting to fill me to the brim or as my Nan always says "up to dollies wax".

The atmosphere was so enjoyable and the food so fresh and tantalising I didn't want to finish my evening like this. Their is only 1 way I can finish a great night out, and that's to finish it on the sweet side of things.

A tower high Meringue covered with crema, macerated strawberries and coconut syrup. Light fresh and perfect for the warm weather. It was eye catching and almost too good to eat, but something looking so tasty should never go to waste. The crema is similar to a creme fraiche so it has a slight kick to it, but do not be alarmed, it is supposed to be like this. It hit the sweat tooth's perfectly and I was definitely one happy camper.

The boys although hesitant to order dessert was convinced to try the coconut ice-cream sundae. They were not disappointed and the bowls licked clean. I grabbed a quick try before it was devoured and my golly, it was perfect. Creaminess melted away as the coconut lingered. A great option for both young and old.

With everything so fresh and tasting so great, their is only one thing to do now. Go Back. I'm waiting for my chance to dine in the alfresco area during the summer season, chilling back with some of those tacos and some more margarita's. Whether it be to unwind after a work day or not, you could make any excuse you want, but it will be worth it no matter what type of day.

Radio Mexico
11 - 13 Carlisle Street
St Kilda
9534 9990

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