Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.

Clear blue skies, golden sand and crystal waters are what rests beside the aquatic Cerberus Beach House. As yacht's are launched from the Pier you gaze across the horizons and relax with the perfect city views and yonder.

Once again the urge for a sophisticated and ever so charming evening bought me to the hidden local treasure of Black Rock, and it's clear signs that words are reaching out as it's a full house by 6pm on a Sunday evening along with their Fish and Chippery being very busy with the beach goers.

With live music on a Sunday night and weather so perfect to watch the golden sunset across the bay their was no better way to put a close on my weekend.

Cerberus has just launched their Summer menu and having been before during the months of winter, I knew that this will bring us some fine luscious cuisine showcasing great summer dishes to match this divine weather.

With the aim to showcase delicate seafood's and light meals, they have truly respected their produce to bring some amazing flavours naturally for us to enjoy.

A Soft shell crab nestles on a bed of pearl cous cous with lemon, parsley and wakame seaweed. Light delicate sweet flavours are captured within the light tempura and is a perfect light start to a hot summers night.

For those who are a lover of short rib should indulge themselves in the magnificent Latrobe BBQ short rib. This dish fell apart and melted in your mouth. Succulent meat with spiced BBQ sauce accompanied with paprika spiced crisps and a celeriac remoulade was truly my dish of the night.

Those spiced paprika crisps were golden crunchy pieces of goodness that should be served in packets down stairs in their fish and chip section. I truly believe these would be a classic hit for those glorious summer days picnicing on the golden sands of half moon bay.

For something which holds mellow flavours and something for those vegetarians, the gorgeous Roasted walnut, Asiago Cheese and artichoke croquettes are fantastic. Golden crumbed coating with a creamy centre is everything to expect from a croquette. The Italian cow's milk cheese brings depth of flavour into the dish with the combination perfectly matched with the artichoke and walnut. Placed on a bed of beetroot and mascapone, it's light and tasty, perfect for a light lunch also on those summer days where you're not too hungry.

The final sharing dish on the selection was the tender Calamari coated in Chilli, garlic and lime. Grilled perfectly and served on a bed of herb dressed butter lettuce was fresh and tasty. Great to see Calamari not coated in batter and deep fried, this light dish was filled with spice and acidity and matched perfectly with my Gin and squash and will go well with a great glass of chardy too. A great dish for the ladies over for those lunch catch ups and a fantastic starter for you seafood lovers.

A couple of side dishes such of fresh asparagus wrapped in crisp prosciutto and served with the goldenest saffron aioli was a great accompaniment to these dishes as well as the serve of Fricassee of wild mushrooms and of course their golden crunchy fries.

Dessert of the selection of ice creams and also an order of the White chocolate and raspberry pannacota were a great finish to the night. The ice cream selection of rich chocolate, blood orange and lemon meringue were refreshing on the palate and an easy dessert to choose if you're almost ready to explode from all that great food you've just had.

The Pannacota also light but rich with the serve of chocolate mousse cake that sits beside it. I needed help with this one as it became to rich for me but was still great and flavours. The raspberry cut through the richness of the chocolate and so did the pannacota. Eat them together and not separately and the flavours combine fantastically together.

It goes with out fail that if you are not too sure on what to have because your options are to wide and you can't make a decision, come to a compromise. We had this problem tonight.

With Cerberus's new menu there were so many dishes we wanted and we couldn't make up our mind. So the compromise was made. Order a wide selection of small dishes, share them and enjoy the amazing flavours that were headed our way.

Relax the evening away with gin and tonics, music from some amazing artists, amazing beach sunsets and live the life on a Sunday night, or any night really. Summer is on the horizons and seriously with such an amazing local restaurant serving great fresh new tastes, their is nothing better than to enjoy yourself and unwind at Cerberus.

Service is impeccable, views are amazing and food...... well you've read it. So now you just have to try it for yourselves to see how truly fantastic this little gem is.

Cerberus Beach House
Boat Shed 212
Half Moon Bay
9598 4230

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