Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Remember the days of the school yard

A tiny place sits quaintly on the corner of Hawthorn road and Glen Eira Road, with character and style.

Donning the old school jaffles, burgers, spiders and milk shakes Tuck Shop Take Away is making us remember the back in the day moments and having fun with it.

Not over the top themed in the manner of speaking but if you take a moment to look at the detail Tuck Shop has put into such a small space it embraces the ambience that they are needing.

A hop scotch on the way through the front door and a menu board written as though you were back learning Capitals and scrawl. Hide away school bells and globes brings you back to the over crowded primary school rooms. Finishing touches of old lockers and a water fountain instead of a water station makes for a casual and fun eatery.

Jaffles with the creamed corn or baked beans are always good to get you going but throw in a pulled pork option and you have won me over. There is nothing better than to receive a golden crisp breville pressed jaffle with malting hot insides, let alone that of a pulled pork, apple and almond one.

Serve it up with some hand cut fries and a milk shake and you have a full main meal in front of you. The fries aren't what you would get in any burger take away place, or that we are used too. But these are those that your mum may have made (I know mine did). Hand sliced potatoes into small almost shoe string shapes not golden and crispy but still delicious. Oh and those tiny crunchy shards you get (if you remember) well they are there too.

Burgers are on a fresh seeded bun and towersome. Choose whether to have a junior or senior sized or perhaps you could go for their vegie option of a beetroot lentil and brown rice pattie. For once I actually felt like I would enjoy the vegie option, I always find the vegie burgers others use have an odd taste, but I think I'd be going back to at least try this one as they looked really amazing (and purple) watching them being made.

Now let me explain the milk shakes...... I want them all! Nothing from your normal flavours of the boring strawberry, chocolate or blue haven. Tuck Shop gives you the 20th century style of Redskin, Milko, Peanut butter, Salted caramel and Nutella options.

Served in the old school milk bottle whether it be a small or a large choice, but by golly that Red skin Milk Shake...... I want to buy it by the carton, and I really think they should provide this option for people like me.

For those sweet tooth's out their grab (carefully) the sweet jaffle of Banana, liquid cheesecake and salted caramel. Tasty in every way but be careful not to burn your lip, tongue or mouth.

If your not one for the jaffles then grab a small tasty and delicate sweet from their cake display. Holy donuts doused in sugar, red skin brownie and red skin tarts are those that satisfied the late afternoon need of sugar rushes.

Although my visit here was short and sweet it made me happy remembering flavours that once may have been forgotten.

Staff were friendly, but somewhat disappointed not to see the old imagery of the Tuck shop lady I remember.

My tuck shop lady was Betty Lilly, she was amazing. I also worked for her back in the day in grade 6 and she used to pay me in lollies. It's every kids dream back then...... not so great for the dentists or the parents in that matter when their kids came home with sugar rush.

Tuck Shop Take Away is busy for the lunch periods, but they sure do pump out your orders quickly. Smiles from all the staff and left for a great experience.

Tuck Shop Take Away
273 Hawthorn Rd,
Caulfield North
0431 406 580

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