Tuesday, 8 October 2013

So long, Farewell

Seven years I have been a citizen of the picturesque Black Rock, but it is time to pack my things and bid the farewell.

It is surprising how there are things that you will miss, thing that you remember and things that you know will be better. Black Rock is where I became officially a wife and started me married life, where I raised 2 beautiful cats (one of which I lost) and where I started blogging, nestled in the back room listening to tunes and thinking about my food adventures.

There are places I have made my local rituals and wish I was not leaving them behind, but it's not good bye forever I am sure. It will become my meeting ground, being the 1/2 way point between family and friends on the Peninsula and me returning from my new home grounds in Brunswick.

The places that I will always have in my heart, are those I hope all the locals will continue to support, and for others get to visit and enjoy the exact superb service and food that I did while living in the area.

Breakfast treats are always best at the Parlour Milk Bar & Kitchen, the Ahoy there always being out favourite with large servings of smoked salmon over a potato rosti with egg and hollandaise. Silky smooth mild roast coffee and of course bubbly attentive staff. Enjoy a succulent lunch here with friends or gather round for the afternoon chin wag.

Lunch & Dinner are always amazing, and was lucky to get to know the Masters of Cerberus Beach House. Serving luscious seafood and more, city quality meals at prices that you would have to look twice at. Premium service and efforts are placed into every inch of Cerberus to wow and amaze you. Souffles were always my weakness, along with the seared scollops with crisp kale & pomegranate. Sunday nights enjoy the voluptuous live tunes as dine. Those romantic evenings are a blessing, or great for those family dinners that wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Dessert never fails you when you head to Davey Macs. But who said dessert? I mean you could enjoy this any time of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Davey Mac surely puts his heart and soul into every scoop of ice cream. It is the best ice cream in the bayside district and maybe even further. Cherry Yoghurt, Dark Chocolate sorbet and the Christmas Pudding were the loves of my life in ice cream world. There is no wrong flavour served here or even chose here, every flavour is a winner. My fondest part was getting tubs and sitting back on the sofa watching chic flicks, or walking along the cost with my sister cone in hand.

You know your a local and have become a regular when people remember your name or even just your face. You feel welcome every time no matter how busy they are, their is always time to chat. Every one of the above, assisted in making Black Rock my home and it's sad to say good bye. But as I said it earlier, it's not good bye forever I will be returning.

I just want to make sure that these places are not forgotten and are continued to be supported by those who can get there more often than I. 

It's best to support your local shops, it maintains the growth and development of your community.

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