Friday, 8 November 2013

In the Glori(a)ous Kitchen

Above the dwellings of Swanston street nests a Lounge where Gloria's Kitchen sets up serving an American inspired menu. A perfect choice to match the bar beverage selection whilst you lounge around with friends and co-workers for Lunch, dinner, late or in between. Basically any time of day.

Start the Lounging with some Mac 'n' Cheese balls, looking like circular aranchini's but not. These crumbed golden balls are all about the mac and the cheese with bacon pieces and served with a spiced aioli. Any American food hunter wouldn't want to pass these up.

Sliders are the way to go but watch out, they are all above normal slider size and can become very overwhelming, rich and filling. All sliders served with a side of fries means you don't need to get that side of wedges or fries you usually do in most places. But I'd suggest maybe choose a salad to cut through the grease and the richness.

The Pulled pork Pig slider is as a duo with both over flowing with tender juicy pork and coleslaw in a soft whit bun. Simple but tasty, nothing to over powering and for those who are hesitant on rich American foods, this is a good choice. Settle down with a beer and this, and you are set for the evening.

The Philly-Steak Slider needs some preparing for. Steak pieces finished off with peppers and a rich melted cheese is to be a rich food fanatics dream. Unfortunately to rich for the likes of me, but flavoursome all the same. Having two of these bad boys would be a triumphant to get through on your own with the side of chips.

A special board is on display as you enter so make sure you check it out before you find a table, or ensure you double check it before you order at the bar. Today's special was the 'Pho Boy'.

Golden battered pieces of prawn and fish on a bed of lettuce in a soft white bun. Tasty yes but I question like I do with everyone taking on the Pho Boy, on how much batter and oil covers the fish itself. For me I'd just love to scratch the batter completely and have someone make the changes to grilling the fish to make for a less coronary experience.

The dining area is huge, with live music being played on some evening, which you can check out online for the line up. Sit on the outer decking for the fresh air option and gathering spots for that 5pm knock off drink with co-workers.

Service is friendly and food is served promptly with a smile. Atmosphere is relaxed and has a warm funky feel to it with vines over lighting and themes wall paper.

It's worth a check out in a group where you just need to unwind and arrange a social gathering.

Gloria Swanston's Kitchen
243 Swanston Street
9663 2916

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