Saturday, 25 July 2015

Irish Passion

When I think of the Irish my mind used to think of four leaf clovers, leprechaun and stew. But now when I think Irish my mind instantly says The Last Jar.

Close to the Victoria Market this Irish Pub sits on the corner inviting all those who are keen on Guinness and pints. Although I am not either one of those I was told about their story and how amazing their food was. Being an enthusiast of those 2 things there is nothing keeping me away from entering through the doors.

A dark bar is what strikes you first with the traditional Bar set up and men on stools catching up over a pint on a Friday afternoon. To the back is a day lite restaurant area decked with 1980's tables and vinyl chairs leaving for a very casual and now what we call retro decor.

On the specials are the Sweetbreads served on a glistening and silky pumpkin puree, roasted hazelnuts and pickled mushrooms.  Heavenly and a well balanced dish, that is almost plate licking worthy. The sweetbreads cooked perfectly and adds a caramelised richness into that perfect sweet pumpkin pure.

Out waiter told us that she cried when she had the chance to taste this dish because it was so good. If your waiter tells you that when she is explaining the specials to you, you should dive onto it and enjoy the pleasures.

The Guinness Welsh Rarebit smeared on house made toast with a grilled cheese is intense and rich. Share with a friend or be greedy and eat it on your own. Either way you must have this. I'm going back just for this.

A pot of mussels with fennel and chorizo sitting in a cider broth is a great light option. It's something that if you enjoy seafood will understand that it is a feel good moment getting into a bowl of fresh mussels that are all open and soaking in a light broth. The slight salt and spice captured from the specks of grilled chorizo and the freshness of fennel is always a perfect accompaniment.

The Scotch egg is so different to those that you usually enjoy. A soft egg surrounded by apple and celeriac coated in a golden crumb is sensational. It's crispy, flavoursome and encases a rich soft yolk.

 I have to say that I am overzealous about the Last Jar. The food is more than what you would expect from an Irish pub. It's taking food to the next level on keeping the Irish flavours alive but incorporating a more modern technique.

The thing that got me most excited is that they make as much as possible on site from scratch. From the butter that you spread on your in house made bread, of which it dense and on this day was a combination of a honey oat and white to the plates of unbelievable flavours.

I enjoyed everything on this one sitting and trust me I will be going back until I have eaten the entire menu.

There is true passion in this kitchen and it shows. When you sit and listen to your waiter express her excitement on the specials and through the explanation of the menu to the deliverance of your meals it really touches a spot in my heart.

This is why I live for the food industry, to find places like this.

The Last Jar
616 Elizabeth Street
Carlton North
9348 2957

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