Thursday, 6 August 2015

Getting the background story

It all started one afternoon when I needed a coffee. It's not uncommon I know a lot of people crave the addiction of caffeine, but I wanted the brew that was just roasted and send straight out to the counter line.

Aunty Pegs is where Proud Mary’s brew is created and where you can set in for a short break and experience the caffeine pleasures.

Serving only black brew you can experience the true hidden senses of the bean and capture the passion of the in house roasters.

 Enjoying some Costa Rica Sonora Bourbon blend presented by filter you can taste the essence of sweet praline, honey and apple with notes of citrus. A well-balanced brew with delicate flavour notes makes for a pleasant easy to drink black coffee.

For something completely different you should try some cold brew. Cold coffee slightly carbonated and served on tap. On a hot day this will make for a pleasurable cool escape whilst you unwind in the afternoon.

We were offered the chance to see the site and watch the rosters hard at work. The story behind Proud Mary’s brew and the beans itself.

The smell of roasted beans surrounds you as you walk the roasting areas with the fresh beans that have just been placed through the process delicately.

As we are shown around we are told about the research that is gone into each brew and the regions of where it has come from. We are shown the foie gras of beans where the last of it’s kind is existent and studies of roasting are in action to ensure the essences of pollination will be heightened to ensure the flavours of the beans are respected.

What I valued most about Aunty Pegs is the passion that is shown when talking about the history of the beans background and how much research goes through to ensure that the most is captured for our drinking pleasure.

After finding out the story behind Proud Mary Coffee there is only one more thing to do to add to the experience, and that’s to go visit the café itself.
Proud Mary on a Sunday is always hard to get into and now I know why. Visiting on a Friday for a late lunch this café is still bustling with diners enjoying fine produces and modernised plating.

A serve of shredded Ox Tongue served with smoked almonds, red peppers, and amaranth and finished with a soft poached egg on a slice of thick sourdough bread.

Well-balanced and rich in flavour. With a soft poached egg spilling it’s yolk enhances the richness of flavour. Bursts of smokiness flows through with each bite and the amaranth a pleasant texture and pepper flavour.

Of course you can never go past a Pork Belly Sandwich for a lunch option. Thick lightly toasted bread covers pork belly slices with a smoked paprika relish, aioli and fresh watercress.

Fresh pastries are on hand that are in house made over at Aunty Pegs. Pastries like caramel popcorn donuts, croissants and anything that you can think of that is filled with buttery goodness.

An enjoyable day getting to know the people behind the coffee blend and eating delicious light meals.

Staff in both Aunty Pegs and Proud Mary were energetic and more than happy to serve you. I am looking forward to visiting again for some fine coffee and respected fresh produce.

Proud Mary
172 Oxford St
9417 5930

Aunty Peg's
200 Welington st
9417 1333

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