Saturday, 2 July 2011

Why is Hospitality never an option in Occupation?

I've been in the Hospitality Industry for 14 years now and till this day I have never understood why Hospitality is never an option in the Occupation sub section?

Is it because we are so lowly paid that it is embarrassing to know that we exist? Or is it because the people who design the subsections on forms and web sites forget that whilst they were designing everything they had been served on there breaks with food and coffee?

We understand that on a daily basis people choose to be rude by talking down to us slower than usual just to be sure that we don't put full cream milk in there weak decaf skinny soy latte, but to eliminate us from being apart of Occupations is just rude. We work hard for our money and for some of us it's not "just a job", we choose this industry because we enjoy seeing you smile as you leave knowing you are satisfied with what ever you have indulged yourself in. Trust me.... 14 years is pure dedication and for those who have been in it longer than what I have you deserve a medal.

Welcome to my Blog, I hope this has opened your minds into my industry. You will read about my happiness and miss fortunes of me working in the industry of food and also the experiments of my cooking at home with entries into competitions and daily interests of the world of decadence and adventures in the never ending world of food.

I hope you enjoy

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