Thursday, 3 December 2015

Food is our common ground

It always starts with a coffee, and as I write this I'm thinking 'man I speak a lot about coffee and must look like a complete idiot in a shop making the perfect picture of what I drink'. But do you know what..... I don't mind looking like one of those people.

I love escaping and what could be something that is boring to some can really mean a lot to the other. When I write, I have to say it's like I've eaten the meal twice.

I remember the hints of salt and the textures and the smells drift past.  The roasts of the coffee and the sweetness of the desserts.

I've recently had the adventure of dining at Fitzroy's Stagger Lee's. A quaint corner cafe that is rich in style with it's deep wooden tables and with eclectic touches of design.

A BBQ Beef Brisket toasty would always be a good option here with it's beer onions, cheese fondue,  Luscious golden fried egg and the side of dill pickles and mustard.

It's one for a man who loves their meet and the vinegar sensations of the pickles. Think of  the combinations of sweet onions, rich yolk from the egg immerse into the delicate brisket meet. Add a serve of crunchy golden wedges on the side and you have what is to be a perfect combination of flavour.

For something rich and unique to the area would be the Chilled Spanner Crab and Prawn trifle.

A refreshing dish for a hot summers day with it's spiced tomato sauce, avocado and herb greens, prawn bisque and served with a fresh cucumber salad and flat bread.

I rich and silky trifle of big bold flavours of the see and married with fresh avocado and spiced tomato. Possibly not one for those who have just started eating seafood. It is a very powerful dish.

Spread the trifle over your crisp flat breads and add a slice of your fresh cucumber and it explodes the taste of joy in your mouth. Although I could not finish it as it was so rich, it was still a pleasure to eat and was really refreshing.

To finish of your day like all people should, is with something sweet. With the Wily Wonka Waffles you can't go wrong. Decked out with caramel, sea salt chocolate, freeze dried raspberries, explosions of popping candy, soda pop jelly and honeycomb ice cream I'm sure no one would complain.

It's like the lolly shop has come to you on a plate covering golden waffles and an explosion of sweetness.

It brings joy to faces and although not a dish to have for breakfast, knowing that it is there you feel naughty thinking about it. I say do it. You only live once and yes be greedy and have it all to yourself.

It was a relaxing experience with lovely service and good food. The locals show to spend a lot of time here making it to be the one to check out.

Stagger Lee's
276 Brunswick Rd,
9419 5564

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