Saturday, 8 October 2011

Eating like Royalty

Croque en Bouche
Dating back to the 17th Century Low and High tea has been enjoyed by many, sipping loose leaf tea in quality china cups with delicate bite size pastries and scones whilst socialising. To this day we have developed this tradition and now enjoy a glass of champagne whilst we gorge ourselves in magnificent sandwiches, quiches, cakes and pastries as well as having tea and coffee.

Low tea being what we now call High tea is truly a fantastic way to lay back and spend your weekend whether it be on a sunny afternoon or a wintery rainy afternoon, it brightens up the best of both worlds.
Savoury selection

I have had the pleasure of once again enjoying this part of the English life with my family today at Chimmy's located on Bridge road Richmond. Would you believe that for only $47.50 per person you are overwhelmed with a selection of mixed quiches along with spinach and fetta and sausage rolls, not only to follow by platters of fine cakes and fresh scones with jam and cream. For 4 people we received 1 tower of savouries and 3 towers of cakes with 2 plates of scones. It could feed at least 6-8 people if you had eaten lunch already.

Cake selection
Luckily we all thought wisely and did not eat lunch prior to our High tea, and if you choose to do it do the same thing. DO NOT eat before hand. Served between 2pm - 5pm this deluxe high tea is well worth every penny. Accompanied with a glass of champagne and tea or coffee you truly gorge yourself in delights all afternoon.  Not only to you get to enjoy all this food you also receive a small croque en bouche to either enjoy there or take home.

Chimmy's on a Saturday afternoon has a fantastic vibe as others dine around you indulging amongst there own high tea, along with the waiters being attentive and friendly, your afternoon is truly enjoyed. The best bit is that if you can't eat it all they are more than happy to box anything up for you so you can continue to enjoy back at home for dinner or perhaps breakfast the following day if you wish.

Although bookings are essential there are various High teas to choose from ranging between $24.50 to $47.50.  I highly recommend to do this one afternoon and unwind with friends or family. It's a great way to have a gathering and is enjoyed by all. I know I will be returning with friends for years to follow.

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