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A busy Friday night on Lygon street with no booking leaves us wondering if there is any chance on getting 3 people into a restaurant at 7:00pm at night. The peak time for any restaurant really, and being in the industry myself made it more shameful that I didn't make a booking anywhere. A quick wonder down Lygon street and a look at some Italian restaurants made us realise that we weren't in the mood for Pizza or Pasta (funny and strange seeing as we were on Lygon street after all).

apple & lychee sangria
Realising this we came across Amigos, with its bright red chairs out the front and warm interior we choose to go for the Mexican cuisine, none of us had had Mexican for ages so it was a unanimous vote. Luckily at this point the Restaurant was full outside and 1/2 inside at the time of passing so we were greatful they could accommodate us, it wasn't too soon after the Restaurant was full to the brim.

Now I know what you are thinking, Amigos is just another Taco Bill or Montezumas, but I beg to differ on this.

Not only was our service impeccable, being welcoming, friendly through out the night and attentive the food was fresh and served on proper plates. Unfortunately we find that places such as Taco Bill and Montezumas tend to plate up then over heat the dishes leaving the customer unable to touch there plates and have the cheese caked onto the dish, not only that but can be served on the lovely microwavable plastic plates which always leaves a classy finish to your experience. But not here, not at Amigos.

The food was served promptly and was quiet delicious. Amongst the three of us we had:

Chicken Nachos- Corn chips topped with guacamole, cheese, sour cream, salsa and very tender grilled chicken. A small size was ordered and was very substantial and filling for Kylie, the flavours were balanced perfectly for her as a non chilli or spicy lover, there was still enough heat in the salsa that gave it that kick of Mexico. The chicken was tender and grilled perfectly and not dried out which you can experience a lot when you grill off small pieces of chicken. There wasn't so much salsa and guacamole or sour cream that ended up making your nachos wet and soggy 1/2 way through which is always the one up on me. I hate soggy lifeless dishes that makes it feel that you are a 90 year old with denchers and close to having to eat your meals through a straw. This dish had a perfect quantity of all sauces, however could have had a little bit more chicken pieces to actually make it more chicken nachos than nachos with chicken.
chicken nachos

Chimi Changa-  Beef Colorado wrapped in crispy flour tortillas topped with cheese and served with pico de gallo and frijoles. The beef was falling apart and melted in your mouth and the freshness of the pico de gallo which is an uncooked salsa made from chopped tomatoes, onion and chilli (usually jalapenos), added a cleanness to the dish, and served with frijoles or otherwise known as refried beans added that extra element that made it a delight to enjoy

Chorizo and Black Bean Nachos- Based from the same as the Chicken Nachos: Salsa, guacamole, cheese and Sour cream this dish also added grilled chorizo sausage, fresh black beans and chipotle. It had a nice spin on the standard nachos and once again had the perfect amount of sauces that didn't make your dish soggy. With the black beans laid on the base of the dish it wasn't until you made a substantial dint into your dish that you found them. Paul splurged out with the heat option and got the jalapenos on the top of them too. He is the risk taker of us all with his spices, but I do know he loves his chilli's and as we were also both getting over having the flu it was the perfect time to clear up our sinus's. The chipotle was not as intense as I though it could have been, being a smoked dried jalapeno, I think the heat came more from the fresh rather than the chipotle itself.

Stuffed Jalapeno- You can only guess who ordered this one. If you are scared about eating spicy dishes the is unfortunately not one to be scared of. I love spicy foods but am usually scared of the jalapeno peppers. But I had to give these stuffed peppers a go. Filled with cheese and coated with salsa, sour cream and cheddar, it is unfortunate that they are coated with so much cooling agents that the heat of the peppers are lost. We are fairly sure that the seeds have been removed as well which doesn't leave much to the heat of the dish. So it is fairly safe to say that if you were intending to try a jalapeno for the first time this dish is the way to go.

Now clearly you have to have drinks with these delicious meals, and being a Friday night you can't turn  your nose up at there cocktail list. So off to indulge three different cocktails were ordered and all of which were fantastic.

fig spiced martini
My choice of an apple & lychee sangria - white wine with elder flower fresh green apple and lychee finished with soda and ice, was refreshing but sweet. If you are a sweet tooth this is one to go for but is very easy to drink so be careful.

Kylie went for the Gin and Sangria Sling- Muddled with mixed berries and orange with gin and red wine and cinnamon topped with dry ginger and ice.  Almost like a fruit slushy and overloaded with berries we needed a spoon to finish the drink, it was another refreshing and somewhat filling beverage.

Paul chose the winning drink of the night though, a Fig spiced martini- Gran Centenario Reposado (tequilla) and Tuaca (a liqueur from Italy), shaken with smashed caramel figs finished with lime and ginger spice syrup. This drink was heavinly and left Kylie and myself wishing we chose the same. A must have is all I can say.

Our Friday night was filled with great food, amazing drinks and even better service. Forget Taco Bill and there fish bowl margaritas and over heated food and forget Montezumas with there nonchalant service, head out to Amigos there are several locations so you are bound to come across one. Just don't forget to get one of those fig spiced Martini's though.

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