Sunday, 17 June 2012


Well it's that time of year again where the cold and flu comes out to play and takes over our lives for either a couple of days for those mild cases or up to a week if not more.

It's never fun that's for sure, breaking down our immune systems and leaving us lifeless. So for all you readers out there I thought I'd look up some remedies for us to get through the winter months and fight the enemy of cold and flu.

We can enjoy the taste of some Popsicles to sooth our sore throats that are prickly, swollen and dry. This will also help us keep hydrated which is crucial so that we can keep the mucus build up to a minimum and feel less congested. Aim for 100% fruit juice with low sugar and we can get more of our vital nutrience that we require.

If your wanting to eat something substantial go towards eating turkey. It's a great lean protein which is an essential to solid nutrition. Although you may think that this is not what you want it can help you give the required body energy to help fight illness.

The vegetable juice is never something to screw your nose up at when your feeling under the weather. Choose low sodium based and it's a fantastic way to boost your immune system boosted wi antioxidants and keep you hydrated. You may also go for a fruit juice too but make sure it's 100%.

Now the good old chicken soup is a long lasting remedy and there is scientific evidence that this is a great choice to have when your sick. Chicken soup has shown that it helps healing and has mild anti-inflammatory effects. It can improve the ability of cilia which are tiny hair like parts of the nasal passage to protect from bacteria and viruses.

Garlic has anti microbial and immune stimulating properties and will provide you with relief from congestion.

Fresh ginger will relieve you from stomachache and nausea. It will also help you with any inflammation. Combine it into your juices or your teas to add extra fight to the flu.

We all know that piping hot teas do us wonders, inhaling the steam is great for our sinuses and herbal teas like green and oolong as well as just black teas offer disease fighting antioxidants. Mix it with some honey and lemon and it can assist sooth your sore throat as well.

Bananas are easy on the stomach and is recommended by doctors to eat when you are suffering from stomach bugs or flu. Eat is plain, mashed up or in slices what ever takes your fancy but is an easy and a suitable solid to eat when your throat doesn't want to swallow anything rough.

The well known oranges and lemons enrich our lives with vitamin c which is important as it protects or cells and boosts our immune system. Now I have to say I can not eat oranges or citrus fruits, but will always have orange juice when I'm at my worst with the flu and proves to work with out fail. I know this is not the ideal way to protect myself from the viruses, but it's the only way I can build myself into consuming citrus. There are many other sources of vitamin c like kiwi fruit which I love. So now we have bundles on kiwi fruit ready to take on the battle.

We all need to boost our immune systems and brace ourselves for the flu that hits you like a mac truck. So what do we need to focus on? What will make us get through this winter and the many winters to come? Well here are some focus foods to enjoy over the next few months to make sure we are well vitamised.

Beta carotene - found in peppers, hot chillies, kale, mustard, carrots, lettuce, spinach, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin and sweet potato. All these assist in the healing of the flu.

Vitamin B - found in bananas, potatoes, lentils, whole grain, oatmeal, soy beans, peanut, peas and luscious green vegetables

Vitamin C - found amongst papaya, cantaloupe, grapefruit, all peppers, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, orange, lemon, limes and kiwi. These fruit and veg are natural remedies to fight against the cold and flu.

Vitamin E - enjoy avocados, sunflower seeds, almonds, vegetable oil, wheat germ, whole grain, olives, hazelnuts, Peanuts and pine nuts.

Zinc - fortified cereals, pumpkin seeds, beans, cashews, chickpeas, peas, kidney beans, yeast, whole wheat bread are all great foods that heal flu and colds.

So now we all know what foods to focus on to prepare ourselves for the winter. Make sure that you all stay warm and rug up. Don't run yourself down at work and make sure you have time to rest. It's when you start to get tired when the flu attacks so we all need to stay rejuvenated and ready to take on the flu head on.

Stay well readers.

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