Friday, 17 August 2012

What's in a dog?

I am a fan of the traditional dog 'n' sauce but when you find them on the gourmet side you have to jump and grab one even quicker just to see if they are any good.

I came across a joint that pride themselves in 'top notch dogs' and want to provide us with a wholesome fast food option with using all natural ingredients where possible and providing us natural and delicious flavours on every one of their dog's.

Phat Brats, located in Brunswick is a quaint little place with it's high fast food counters and simple but somewhat charming dining area with bar stools and tables.

The menu as much as you could guess are dogs, but not just your regular hot dog in bread. here they put a spin on everything which makes it difficult to choose. Do you go the modern Wagyu sausage with it's sauteed onion, tomato sauce and mustard or do you go the extreme and do the well known good ole American pick of the Chilli dog with it's spicy grilled beef, chilli sauce, house cheese sauce and spring onions?

Once you have chosen your style of Hot dog, your next hurdle is to choose your bun, seeded, plain or Gluten free. Yes that's right they do Gluten free! There are options for both Gluten free, Vegetarians and Vegans so don't be to quick to refuse in trying this place out.

A party of 3 we set in and each grab a different style along with some chips and salads. I took one for the Vegetarian readers this evening with grabbing the Superfood dog on a seeded bun.
A sweet potato, tamarind and Quinta dog finished with chilli lime mayo, minted peas, alfalfa, coriander and sour cream.
Although an unusual texture and not a real hot dog it was rather pleasant to eat. Wholesome with all its veggies it had tones of flavour, and not needing to add any additional things too it. It combined well together. The texture of course played with my mind as when you eat a grilled sausage you expect a lot of firmness but here due to the sweet potato it was soft. But you wouldn't expect anything different.

Next on hand was the Lamb & Rosemary dog on a seeded bun
Lamb & Rosemary sausage with smashed minted peas, house gravy, raw slaw and crumbed fetta.
If you were to imagine a roast lamb right now this is everything that you are thinking of in a bun. This hearty meaty sausage was truly complete with the rich gravy and smashed peas. Tasty not just on a Sunday when majority have their roasts, this baby is going to be tasty any time of the week.

Last on the list was the Dog of the Month on a seeded bun
A Bratwurst sausage with BBQ sauce, pulled pork and appleslaw. Both fresh and delicious, the bratwurst sausage was truly amazing. Slightly sweetened with the appleslaw and BBQ sauce it was tasty and gelled perfectly together. Being a dog of the month it's worth to venture away from their daily selections and head to this one. The BBQ sauce is not smokey so it doesn't have a massive impact that some wish BBQ sauce should be, but don't be disheartened as you don't necessarily need this BBQ sauce to be so strong as the bratwurst sausage holds great flavours and you wouldn't want it to be hidden.

Now you can't say no to some sides with your dogs so grab some golden chips with seasoning or if you have an appetite, head for the selection in the 'Life changing fires' topped with an assortment of toppings.

We've headed for the BBQ Bacon fries with the House cheese sauce and House BBQ sauce finished with bacon pieces and spring onions. We also grabbed the Peas and Gravy fries with the smashed peas, house gravy and crumbled fetta. Both were tasty and I must say the gravy is perfect. Thick and beefy gravy is the perfect sort to coat over your chips.
A touch of the raw slaw for texture and freshness finished off our entire feast, with a raw selection of cabbage, carrot, spring onions and so on coated with a creamy mayo was a nice light accompaniment to these dogs and gravy soaked chips.

As they say these dog's are Top notch and a great quick bite out. I'm enticed t go back and try their PO' Boy with the battered fish, spicy shrimp and shredded lettuce as I have heard about this and seen a PO Boy on the episodes of Man V's food so it would be good to taste for myself. Having options for Gluten free, Vego's and Vegans is great too see too, making everyone happy.

Phat Brats
320 Brunswick Street
9419 5526
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