Sunday, 30 December 2012

It feels like somethings heating up

A pre Christmas dinner with the hubby lead us to the quaint but pumping Senoritas. Surrounded by white and black classic interior with Red lace lighting was eye catching, but the art work was even more so. A dedication to the festival of the dead was a new way to embrace the Mexican cuisine.

I had heard nothing but goodness so of course it made it to my forever growing list of places to wine and dine of which I thought would be the perfect send off to our Christmas festivities.

Cocktails were on the go with a list that could pleasure any ones taste buds with my choice of the exquisite Horchata Gringo - smooth horchata combined with Mexican coffee and tequila is the new way everyone should drink iced coffees.

If your a Tequila lover than you need not go any further. The selection is wide and will leave you at the bar for a great length of time. True Mexican at its best.

So now that I'm set with my bevie, lets get down to the food shall we. Specials this evening was Chorizo soft shell tacos and a Spicy Beef brisket. Did I just fall in love with this place in one go. It was as though I had found my new true love (sorry Paul). Chorizo and brisket has won me over instantly - so that's a check and check for those two specials to be amongst some other glorious dishes.

The Chorizo taco is everything to be expected. Soft and fluffy taco shells the lightly spices sausage finished with some slaw and was lip smacking good. One is not enough that's for sure. Small amounts of juices roll down your fingers and their is nothing to be ashamed about when you lick your fingers. You don't want to go wasting these flavours.

Now for something to die for would have to be the Moreton bay bugs otherwise known as Crustaceou Enchilados. Sweet bug meat coated in a spicy lime and achote butter. The best bugs I have ever had I have to admit. Easy to eat at least 3 full bugs to yourself they are that good and am glad these came recommended by a fellow diner.

Make sure you add some of that melted butter and spices from the plate and add them to the meat. It enhances each mouthful.

For something that guarantees to melt in your mouth are the Ribs. The Pueroco Borracho are twice cooked pork ribs in cerveza (beer0 finished with a fine chilli dust. Sure to make your lips tingle in joy, the meat falls away from the bone leaving no traces of meat behind. Served with a refreshing slaw a satisfying dish for one or a fight for the large portions when sharing.

The Beef Brisket was a solid dish filled with richer flavours comparing to the ribs. Tender pieces of meat coated in a thick rich sauce and a step aside from the spices which I actually enjoyed. It's good to see that people understand that just because it's Mexican the dishes don't need to be blowing you away with heat and creating endless chilli sweats.

Served with rice and tortillas you can make your own wrap or just use it to lap up that left over sauce you missed.  A hearty dish.

To finish our evening and the sweet tooth I am I chose the Flautas maria felix. Golden crisp cinnamon tortillas filled with a soft cream cheese and plum piscosa. Light little cigars filled with a delicate flavour was a great way to end my evening, but if you are after a more intense hit and send your evening out with a bang then go for the Chocolate dia de Nuertos.

Rich silky dark chilli chocolate ganache accompanied with a guava jelly was intense and amazing. Not something I could finish on my own but worth a shot anyway. The chocolate is unbelievable, and suited with the guava jelly is perfect. Something I would never thought or invented myself. This dessert deserves to be made into a bite sized truffle and placed into chocolate box for valentines day. It's sure to win any ladies heart.

Service at Senoritas is welcoming friendly and the team are willing to help you design your meal selections to ensure the true flavours are enhanced to the best so that your evening is enjoyed. Bar tenders shake up a storm with their cocktail skills but happy to have a chat if your dining at the bar about the tequilas and drink selection.

Truly a bustling place to enjoy a great night out, but be sure to book your table. As it's small you could be waiting a short while for a seat, but be glad it's doors are open late to accommodate you all.

16 Meyers Place
9639 7437

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